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Monday, February 7, 2011

Laura Mercier Hydra Tint Review

Oh winter.  You are a cold, dark  visitor aren't you?  At this time of year my lips always get SO DRY.  We are talking cracked and bleeding here people.  This leads me to become a lip balm junkie.  In my quest to find a fun and effective lip balm I stumbled across LAURA MERCIER's hydratint.  I purchased in the colour CRIMSON.  Here is an image:

Hydra Tint SPF 15

This baby cost me $23 CDN at Sephora. But was it worth it?

Really, really not.

Essentially, there are 3 problems with this lip balm. First, it smears everywhere, getting it's (admittedly rich and beautiful) pigment all over your face.  I have little lips and having them ringed in smeary red lip balm is not a good look. Second, it is expensive. Nivea puts out some tinted balms for under $5 CDN. I'm looking into those after this puppy runs out.  Third, if I'm being honest, it is no more moisturizing than a lip gloss.  Whilst it felt like it sealed my lips (in a waxy sort of way) it did not feel "healing".  I have seen zero improvement in my lips since using hydratint.  It keeps your lips at their pre-existing condition.  Perhaps (if I'm being generous) halting further drying.  But in my opinion, many a drugstore lipgloss can do that just as effectively.  

Not an essential by any stretch of the imagination. I'd say skip this.

Here I am wearing LM's hydratint.  Isn't it a pretty colour?  If only it didn't suck so much...
Laura Mercier Hydra Tint - Crimson

Cheers everyone xx


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