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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review and Comparison: NARS Orgasm: The Multiple vs Powder Blush

NARS Powder Blush in Orgasm is an incredibly popular colour, and with good reason. A shimmery, pinky-peach blush with gold undertones, it is pretty flattering on most skin tones. It retails for about $27-29 (depending on where you live). Its long been a staple of my own makeup collection. But the other day I picked up 'The Multiple' by NARS. Touted as an 'all-in-one,' it is supposed to work on lips, cheeks, eyes, and even your body. Although, I'm not sure where on your body its meant to go. That may be stretching it. Anyways, its a cream-to-matte formula, and it comes in a big stick. It retails for $39-46. I figured I would check it out and do a comparison of it with the powder blush in Orgasm-which is better for your money?

I took a picture of the two products (above), to give an accurate portrayal of the colours. They look pretty similar when they are in the packaging, but then I did a swatch on my hands and they're actually pretty different.

Top: The Multiple. Bottom: Powder Blush

As you can tell the powder blush is much more peachy-gold, whereas the Multiple has a stronger pink tone. But, when they go on, they do look quite similar. Pretty strange, actually.

Anyways, there's no need to go on and on..realistically, both are fabulous products. If I had to pick though, I would go with the Multiple. The fact that it is cream alone, makes it a more lucrative product (for me). The colour pay-off is unreal, and I'm not exaggerating here, it goes on like butter. It blends perfectly with your skin, so it doesn't just sit on top like a powder blush. As well, the fact that you can use it on your lips and eyes is a bonus as well. I guess if you had oily skin, maybe the powder would be a better option. I just really love the feel and look of a cream blush. It's also more expensive, BUT with the Multiple you get .50 oz and with the powder blush its .16 oz, so there you go.


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