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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review: Smashbox Photo Finish Lipstick

Ah, the nude lipstick.

We see it looking fabulous in magazines, on celebrities, and models. Yet, it's damn near impossible to find one that works- doesn't wash you out, isn't too pink, isn't too brown, not chalky, etc. Like a lot of people, I've been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. That's why when I went into Sephora, I was sure I had hit the jackpot with the Smahsbox Photo Finish with Sila Silk Technology Lipstick in Charming. Described as a nude pink, it retails for $22.

Here's what Smashbox says about the product:

The decadent, smooth feel of Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer has now been infused into a lipstick! The smooth glide, plush cushion, and Smashbox's exclusive Sila-Silk™ Technology offer innovation that makes this lipstick silkier, smoother, longer-wearing, and more moisture-rich than any you've tried before.

Were they right? Well, yes and no. While it is true that the lipstick is quite creamy and silky on the lips, it is NOT long lasting by any stretch of the imagination. Further, I find it interesting that the description does not mention anything about the colour pigmentation. Because, let me tell you, the pay off here is not that great. I have to put loads on, just to get any colour on the lips. I like my nudes to be a bit sheer, but this was just ridiculous. Further, even when I put all the lipstick on, I still needed to put a gloss on top to make it look good. I would definitely call this more of a natural nude, in that it mostly just looks like your own lips- you can barely tell that there's any product on. There's nine other colours in this lipstick, but I can't really comment on their quality. Keep reading for some pictures!

Final verdict: SKIP. For $22, this lipstick is just not up to par. And so, I continue my search...

Standard packaging. Note that I've used a lot of it- I really tried to like this lipstick, but its honestly so much of a hassle for a so-so final effect that doesn't even last that long.

Hand swatch. This was about 5 or 6 swipes.

This is the colour on its own. Little to no difference from my natural lip colour.

Here it is paired with the Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lip Gloss, which by the way, is an amazing product.


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