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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is just another excuse for new perfume: Dolce&Gabbana's Rose The One.

The sun is shining, and its quite lovely outside. That is, if you don't take into consideration the fact that its only 2 degrees, and probably bloody cold. But, there isn't any snow! So, to celebrate the joyous oncoming of spring, I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on my current favourite perfume- Dolce&Gabbana's Rose The One.

This is the loveliest perfume. And its just screams 'Spring.' As you can tell by the name, its a rosy scent, but its not overpowering like other floral or rose based perfumes. No no no, my friends, this is light but distinct, and it -literally- makes me happy when I wear it. I get compliments whenever I wear it (no matter that sometimes they come from creepy car wash attendants). For some reason, I rarely see this perfume advertised, which is a shame because its gorgeous and unique. So if you're buying a new perfume this spring, don't count this one out.


PS. Scarlett Johansson is the spokesperson for the perfume, and that should count for something, right? (Well, probably not, because most people don't have my girl crush on ScarJo)

Monday, March 28, 2011

MAC lipstick: sophisto - just so damn sophisticated

mac sophisto....the perfect darker shade.  Universally flattering, sheer, and shot-through with a heartening gold shimmer.  Ahhhh yes. 

sophisto - swatched

Sophisto reminds me sitting by a warm fireside in winter drinking hot coco in your chunky knit sweater. I also picture high-powered lawyer ladies wearing this to the office....have I gone too far?  It's not a "lazy" shade mind you (like Syrup - more on that later).  You DO need to put on some concealer with this one, and don't forget your bronzer/blush.  Mainly, if you're wearing sophisto in winter (which you probably are, as there is some rule which says winter = dark lipstick) you are probably paler than you'd like to be.  A dark lipstick won't help you unless you help it - by brightening up your face with some sort of cheek product. 

mac sophisto

You wouldn't toss this on for a day spent in sweats.  No no, my friend.  Don't mistreat sophisto that way.  Sophisto is what I like to wear when I want to feel grown-up, competent and dare I say

mac sophisto swatched
 How grown-up am I in this swatch, with my friend's starbucks order written on my hand!? Probably not a sophisto today, if I'm being honest. 

I like this lipstick - it's a mac luster so it feels creamy.  I would wear it everyday if I weren't a humble philosophy student.  If you want to feel put together and draw a little attention to your lips you just can't go wrong here.  I like. 

cheers everyone,

Clara xx

MAC angel Lipstick - a review

People love this lipstick.  Ever since a certain Kim K. sang its praises angel has developed a cult following.  Tanya Burr of pixi2woo has also had some good things to say.  I bought it without being aware of any of this.  Tried it on in the mac store and thought, yep, come into my world little one.

mac angel

Angel is a frost lipstick, and yes, it is frosty.  But not aggressively so.  It feels creamy on the lips, but is not hydrating. In winter I wear Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream underneath.  If you do not already own EA 8 hour cream run now and purchase it.  Seriously.  The colour is often reported as a "neutral pink" but to my eye it is a light pink that will look aggressive if you aren't careful.  So be advised, if you are seriously tanned and rocking some heavy makeup, angel will not "tone down" your look as you might expect a neutral pink would do.

No, my friend.  You will edge ever closer to Snooki-dom.  Which, if you're going for it well hey - you go, girl. 

mac angel

People tend to treat angel like it is a neutral shade and pair it with all kinds of bold make up.  Now, in the opinion of this self-professed classic-preppy individual, toss on some tinted moisturizer and concealer, hit the bronzer and the mascara and then toss a bit of angel on.  You're set.  Step away from your brow pencil/highlighter/aggressive blush etc.........

mac angel, swatched

my final thoughts on angel?  Personally, I would say skip it.  I know........blasphemy.  But realistically, there are more neutral pinks out there that are a little darker and much less prone to rendering you a Miami granny with that leathery skin and light know the kind I mean.

cheers everyone, xx clara

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Top 5 MAC Eyeshadows

MAC eyeshadows are incredibly popular, and you hear about them just about everywhere these days- especially in makeup tutorials on youtube. If you're just starting to get into the world of makeup, it can be a little overwhelming. For the majority of people, its just not practical (or necessary) to buy every colour out there. So, if you're like me, you like to consult lots of 'Top (insert number here) Lists" It helps to narrow things down, since you will probably see at least a couple that recur from list to list. Plus, you can see which ones have good colour payoff, etc.

Anyways, on to the list of my favourite MAC eyeshadows* (so far, and in no particular order):

1. Shadow Lady (Matte): I like this colour because its great to use in a smoky eye instead of black. It's dark, but not as dark as black, so it instantly softens any smoky eye look I create. Because it's matte, it does not compete with any shimmery shades on the eye. Very versatile, and if you wet your brush- its a great liner colour as well!

2. Mythology (Lustre): This is definitely not a shadow I use everyday- its one I'll bring out if I'm feeling like something fun on the eyes. It's a high shimmer, pinky with a copper undertones. This is the colour on the list that I use the least. Not because I don't like it, but because its not a colour I can wear everyday to work or school. I have brown eyes, but I think this would look amazing on blue eyes.

3. Satin Taupe (Frost): This is another super shimmery colour, but in a shade that's much easier to wear any day. I particularly like this shadow because its very versatile, you can wear it solo during the day or really dress it up for an evening look. Tremendous colour pay off. Blends beautifully into most colours. I really love putting this colour under the eyes- looks great. (Side note, it looks almost bronzy in the picture, but there is absolutely none of that in the actual shade)
4. Retrospeck (Lustre): The newest addition to my makeup collection, but one I'm already using every day. I cannot say enough good things about this shade. Its like a soft yellowy gold colour, with shimmer- but it is not very shiny or sparkly. Very wearable. I'm currently loving just putting this all over the lid, with some gel liner and mascara. Simple, yet gorgeous.
5. Club (Satin): Last, but certainly not least. One of the coolest colours MAC has to offer, in my opinion. The colour is very hard to describe- its like a greyish green, with reddish brown undertones that become apparent when you blend the colour out. I've seen this on blue, green, hazel, and brown eyes- all with gorgeous results. I can't imagine this not looking good on anyone.

** I've excluded pigments,reflects powders, cream shadows, and shades that come exclusive to certain collections (ex. Jeanius, Wonder Woman, Champale, Tartan Tale, etc). These are the most common eye shadows used, and some of the shades in collections are limited edition, which isn't much use to anyone if they're not sold anymore.