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Monday, March 28, 2011

MAC angel Lipstick - a review

People love this lipstick.  Ever since a certain Kim K. sang its praises angel has developed a cult following.  Tanya Burr of pixi2woo has also had some good things to say.  I bought it without being aware of any of this.  Tried it on in the mac store and thought, yep, come into my world little one.

mac angel

Angel is a frost lipstick, and yes, it is frosty.  But not aggressively so.  It feels creamy on the lips, but is not hydrating. In winter I wear Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream underneath.  If you do not already own EA 8 hour cream run now and purchase it.  Seriously.  The colour is often reported as a "neutral pink" but to my eye it is a light pink that will look aggressive if you aren't careful.  So be advised, if you are seriously tanned and rocking some heavy makeup, angel will not "tone down" your look as you might expect a neutral pink would do.

No, my friend.  You will edge ever closer to Snooki-dom.  Which, if you're going for it well hey - you go, girl. 

mac angel

People tend to treat angel like it is a neutral shade and pair it with all kinds of bold make up.  Now, in the opinion of this self-professed classic-preppy individual, toss on some tinted moisturizer and concealer, hit the bronzer and the mascara and then toss a bit of angel on.  You're set.  Step away from your brow pencil/highlighter/aggressive blush etc.........

mac angel, swatched

my final thoughts on angel?  Personally, I would say skip it.  I know........blasphemy.  But realistically, there are more neutral pinks out there that are a little darker and much less prone to rendering you a Miami granny with that leathery skin and light know the kind I mean.

cheers everyone, xx clara

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