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Monday, March 28, 2011

MAC lipstick: sophisto - just so damn sophisticated

mac sophisto....the perfect darker shade.  Universally flattering, sheer, and shot-through with a heartening gold shimmer.  Ahhhh yes. 

sophisto - swatched

Sophisto reminds me sitting by a warm fireside in winter drinking hot coco in your chunky knit sweater. I also picture high-powered lawyer ladies wearing this to the office....have I gone too far?  It's not a "lazy" shade mind you (like Syrup - more on that later).  You DO need to put on some concealer with this one, and don't forget your bronzer/blush.  Mainly, if you're wearing sophisto in winter (which you probably are, as there is some rule which says winter = dark lipstick) you are probably paler than you'd like to be.  A dark lipstick won't help you unless you help it - by brightening up your face with some sort of cheek product. 

mac sophisto

You wouldn't toss this on for a day spent in sweats.  No no, my friend.  Don't mistreat sophisto that way.  Sophisto is what I like to wear when I want to feel grown-up, competent and dare I say

mac sophisto swatched
 How grown-up am I in this swatch, with my friend's starbucks order written on my hand!? Probably not a sophisto today, if I'm being honest. 

I like this lipstick - it's a mac luster so it feels creamy.  I would wear it everyday if I weren't a humble philosophy student.  If you want to feel put together and draw a little attention to your lips you just can't go wrong here.  I like. 

cheers everyone,

Clara xx

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