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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rescue Your Dry Hair

Having just returned from five weeks in Europe, my hair and body are slowly returning to normal. Travelling through three different time zones, and climates can really affect your skin and hair. Mine weren't an exception. When we hit Greece, my hair was just not down. The salt air just made it feel super gross, and dry to touch. Not the grecian goddess look I was going for. One day we hit up a pharmacy, and like a shining beacon of hope, we saw it- Korres.

If you have thick, curly/wavy hair, then chances are it dries out pretty quickly. It's a daily chore to keep it hydrated and looking healthy. That's why I have to recommend the Acacia Milk Conditioner from Korres. It really helped my hair in combatting all the different elements, while keeping it hydrated. Also a plus- it smells heavenly. If you have dry hair and can get ahold of this product, do yourself a favour and get it!!


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