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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: mark and AVON galore

AVON and mark are great. They are affordable, and if you choose right- pretty good quality. Admittedly, sometimes it's hit or miss, but there have been increasingly less misses for me. I just bought two AVON Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks (in Poppy Love, and Wineberry), mark bronzing powder (in Bronze Pro), mark just pinched instant blush tint (in Peachy). Swatches below!

The lipsticks: Poppy Love is a bright red-orange, great for summer and tanned skin. It's not sheer at all, so take that into consideration. Wineberry looks exactly how it sounds: wine coloured. This one is a bit more sheer, but also buildable. If you saw and fell in love with Emma Watson's recent Vogue cover but you're unsure of how to make it wearable- buy this colour. Both have good pigmentation, but aren't super long lasting- expect to touch this up, especially if you're eating, or going out.

Bronzing powder: Lovely, matte, brown bronzer. Hardly anything negative to say, really. Absolutely no orange in it at all, and no shimmer. Cost about $10. Win-Win.

Blush tint: Least favourite of the bunch, but still not bad. It goes on really nicely, and blends pretty decently. However, it doesn't last very long on the skin- it defintely needs to be set with a powder.

(from left to right) 1. Poppy Love 2. Wineberry 3. Bronze Pro 4. Peachy



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