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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Face of the Week: Marcelle BB cream, MAC, benefit, Dior and more

Hey everyone, here's a FOTW with a different face. This has been my go to summer look, with slight variations on the eye. The focus is usually on getting my skin looking tanned and glowy without it being overkill, so I keep my eyeshadow pretty light and natural. My skin tone is light-medium, with some yellow/olive undertones.  I have light skin in the winter, but in the summer I can get pretty tanned. Right now I'm kind of in between the two shades. My skin is normal, if only a touch dehydrated (moreso in the winter months), and my eyelids get quite oily in the heat.

Okay, here are the products I used:

Swatched: top- MAC blushcreme in Ladyblush. Left to right- bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow in The Inspiration (Muse, Passion), Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Dior Addict Extreme in Plaza 

Marcelle BB Cream in light to medium 
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer (swatch and initial review here
MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush 
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl 

Dior Addict Extreme in Plaza (476) 

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow in The Inspiration (Muse all over, Passion along the lashline and blended out)
Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara

Here's how my makeup held up after 6 hours: 

 After 12 hours, the blush had mostly faded but the BB cream and concealer had mostly held up (except for my under eye concealer which had basically disappeared!). There was some light creasing in the eyeshadow and a little bit of smudging from the mascara on my lower lashes. Lipstick was gone.

Deema xx

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Desert Essence coconut body wash

Hello, hello.

Here again to talk about Desert Essence's coconut body wash which I have finished.  Here is the product:

Organics Body Wash Coconut
desert essence coconut body wash
I paid $9.99 for this product.  All 237 mL of it (8 fl. oz). Bam. That's an expensive shower gel.  Was it worth it?  Nope.  Was it a good shower gel?  Absolutely.  The ingredients list is an absolute pleasure to read.  Water, coconut oil, a bunch of fruit extracts, the surfactant is sodium coco-sulfate (gentle).  It lathered beautifully!  This product is also paraben-free.  It smelled pretty good, nothing to write home about though.  It was not drying at all.  Loved that.  However, I ran out of this SO quickly.  And I'm confident I can find a shower gel that isn't drying, is paraben-free, smells GREAT and doesn't break the bank.  The search continues.

clara xx

Swatched: mac Crew High-Light Powder

Hi everyone,

here with a brief swatch of a little mac action.  I recently picked up Crew high-light powder from the summer collection.  Here it is all shut away:
mac crew highlight powder

mac crew highlight powder


No review yet - obviously - as I haven't finished it. But empties are on their way (these things cannot be rushed. waste not want not!)

keep calm and carry on,
clara xx

Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: La Coupe Root Blast texture and volume spray

Hey everyone!

here again with a finished product to review.  This time it's a hair product. Some things to know about my hair:  it's fine, wavy, sensitive to humidity, and long(ish).  I use this volume spray for - surprise! -  volume.  To use it, I sprayed all over my roots (front, back, side, side), applied the rest of my styling products and blow-dried.  Here is a picture of the product:
La Coupe root blast texture and volume spray

Love.  Ok, so this is the first root spray I've tried.  I've had it for over two years (yep) but for the first year I wasn't aware that blow drying is essential & non-negotiable with this product.  It is heat activated, people!  So, ya, after realizing that upon blow drying this product is great I gained new love for it.  I use it every time I blow dry and it does, indeed, give me volume.  It doesn't leave any residue (unless you reeeeeeeeeeally over do it, but you'd have to spray it like 30 times) and gives me lift for two days (depending on humidity levels merr).  I sprayed it about a foot away from my head, also.  I think this method is best - apparently, many of us spray styling products to close to the head and this makes them less efficacious.  Fact for you all, there.

I have already repurchased this product.  It was $5.99 at Shoppers!

Now, some things to note... The old version of this product (the one I have just finished) contains methylparaben. However, the NEW VERSION that I purchased about a month ago contains no parabens at all.  Otherwise the formula looks very much the same.  Here's hoping it performs as well as the original version! The new version is called La Coupe (volume line) root lift spray and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, as well as online.

cheers everybody,
clara xx

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Face of the week feat. mac, clarins, makeup forever

Hey everyone.

here is this week's makeup basket in action.  I was happy to find a use for my muted teal l'oreal shadow.

up close:

Products used:
maybelline instant age rewind eraser for dark circles, 60 brightener
vichy dermablend cosmetique corrective fond de teint fluide, 15 opal
mac mineralize skin finish natural, medium
clarins bronzer, mosaique
tarte amazonian clay blush, glisten

mac paint pot, bare study
makeup forever eye shadow, 164 (all over lid)
l'oreal wear infinite eye shadow, 310 glistening sea (blended over MUFE e/s)
stila smudge stick eyeliner, damsel
prestige my blackest lashes mascara, black

lipbalm in this pic...but whatever I have in my bag that appeals!

trying to work through all my products in my on-going effort to maximize the utility of my collection, y'all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Maybelline Great Lash BIG - a review

Hey everyone,
here again with a another finished product review.  This time we'll be exploring the merits and faults of one "Maybelline Great Lash BIG" - a mascara I picked up for a whopping $4.50 (CDN) at Shoppers Drug Mart about six months ago, and have used every day since.  Here is a picture of it:

Maybelline Great Lash BIG, all finished up

Here is a picture of it on the eye:
maybelline great lash BIG mascara

Closed eye:

Maybelline Great Lash BIG wand - nice & big

All-in-all, I really did like this product.  I liked that this is a "wet" formula.  Wet here meaning that the mascara took a while to dry on the lashes, but did not make them crispy.  Its wet formulation also made doing second coats (a Clara must) a breeze.  There was NO FLAKING (Hallelujah!).  I hate flaky mascaras (looking at you, Rimmel Sexy Curves).  I got the colour blackest black and yep, it was black.  There was no scent to this product, and while I'm neutral about scented mascaras, you might not be.  I didn't notice any transferring or anything like that.  This mascara is definitely NOT waterproof.  However, it lasted well throughout the day.  After like 12 hours of wearing makeup, the only remaining bits would be a dash of mac paint pot, liner and this stuff (bravo!).

Would I repurchase?  Yes I would.  I like the big wand better than the normal wand which comes with the Great Lash mascaras.  The price is phenomenal and the no-flaking aspect is great.  I'm now using Prestiges' My Blackest Lashes and will let you know how that goes... When it's finished, of course.

Cheers everybody,
clara xx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Swatched and Reviewed: Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder in 02 and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer

Here are two products that I am no where near being close to finishing, but I thought they would be useful to show since its just about summer time and everyone seems to be reaching for their bronzer to get that sunkissed look. I recently purchased these after I finished my Rimmel Natural Bronzer. You might just say these were a step up..

Guerlian Terracotta Bronzer in 02 and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Luminous Liquid Bronzer:

pics in the grass

The Guerlain bronzer comes in 8 shades (00-08) so it should be easy to find a shade that works for your skin tone. The one I have is in 02. This is very pigmented and has a slight shimmer that I normally don't like in bronzers, but this just looks gorgeous on my skin in the summer. You have to be very light handed with this bronzer because you will pick up a lot of product with just one dab. I was heavy handed with the swatch so I could show just how dark this bronzer can go, but you can always go lighter (as I often do). It has a soft texture, blends beautifully into the skin, and it never looks cakey.

It is 0.35 oz of product, and it is $56 (CDN) at Sephora. I know this is steep for a bronzer, BUT I honestly think that this will probably last you a long time because you don't need as much product every time you apply.

swatch of Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 02

The Estee Lauder liquid bronzer is very different.

swatch of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Bronzer

As you probably can tell, this is a liquid bronzer. In the bottle it looks VERY bronze and shimmery. Are you quivering in fear yet? Do not fret, this product rocks and it is actually very easy to apply. The only thing to keep in mind is less is more. You just need the smallest amount to get a beautiful sunkissed glow all over. Start small and build your way up. Because this is liquid you have to be a touch more careful then if you were working with a powder. In the above swatch, I put an amount that I would use to bronze my WHOLE face. You really don't need much. Obviously if you want a more bronzed effect you can use as much as you like, it's all personal preference. Here is is blended out a bit.

Keep in mind this is a lot of product and I'm just blending it out in one small area. It blends beautifully into the skin and it gives a gorgeous glow. It says its one colour fits all, but honestly I see this working the best with medium to darker skin tones. Not that people with fair skin  can't use it but you would have to be a bit more careful. I think if Estee Lauder released a slightly lighter version it would just be a touch easier for everyone.

This product is seasonal I think. In that it comes out with each bronze goddess collection that Estee Lauder puts out each year, but its not technically permanent. Get it while you can!

$28.50 at Estee Lauder

Deema xx

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation

Here's a review of a product I finished (relatively) recently. And when I say finished, I mean finished. I was scraping the last ounce of foundation from this bottle. As a result, there was nothing left to swatch- sorry!

pic courtesy of

I bought it in the shade 53 and there are 6 shades in total to choose from. I think I lucked out because 53 was the perfect colour match for me.

 To be honest, when I went out to buy this foundation I thought I was getting the original Healthy Mix Foundation but surprise- I ended up getting this by accident. I'm actually pretty happy with that mixup because this foundation was truly great. I needed a 'winter' foundation because I was getting too pale for my summer foundation (Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua) and I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money. This was bang on. First off it was under $30 (CDN). It has medium coverage, but buildable. It looks and feels very natural, and has a subtle dewy finish that doesn't read oily (even though I have normal/dry skin, I don't want a foundation that is overly shiny). I had no problems with breaking out/dryness from using the foundation. It claims to last about 16 hours and though I've never tested that out on purpose..there were a couple times I came home from a night out and was too 'tired' (lol) to take my makeup off but when I did awake from my slumber I was pretty surprised to see that my foundation was still relatively intact. So there's that.

It comes with a pump, and I don't know if it was just my bottle but mine was crap. About half way through the bottle it just stopped pumping out product so I would have to take it off and pour it out. This eventually led to me scraping off the product when it got pretty low. Not that big of deal, and it really could have just been mine.

It says that it's a serum/gel texture but honestly I didn't find that it felt any different than any other foundation. It has a lot of claims of anti-fatigue and radiance boosting but I really don't know I experienced either of those things. However, it's still a great foundation that I would gladly repurchase next winter.

Deema xx

Face of the week feat. stila, bobbi brown and more!

Hey everyone,

I love face of the week posts, since it encourages me to "shop my stash" and create a new look every seven days.  I think in this way, I get use out of my collection which feels GREAT & helps avoid the fate of falling into a makeup rut.

what I wore:
face of the week

open sesame!

face:  bobbi brown creamy concealer in cool sand
maybelline instant age rewind under-eye concealer in 60 "brightener"
mac mineralize skin finish natural in medium
cover girl cheekers blush in true pink
clarins bronzer in mosaique

eyes: mac pain pot in bare study
stila eyeshadow in kitten
makeup forever eyeshadow in 164 (great, great crease shade)
maybelline great lash big mascara in blackest black
clinique brow keeper eyebrow pencil in honey

grace farm organics lip balm in luscious lavender
any of the four lip colours I keep in my purse!

here are some swatches:
left: cheekers blush in true pink, bottom mac pain pot bare study, middle MUFE 164, top stila kitten

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thymes Kimono Rose body wash - a review

Hey everyone,

here, another finished product review.  On the docket: Thymes Kimono Rose body wash - 60mL.  Here is the image from
Kimono Rose Body Wash Travel Size
kimono rose body wash

So, I only got to sample 60mL of this product (by contrast, the Desert Essence body wash I'm using regularly at the moment is 200mL).  However, I am very familiar with the Kimono Rose line in general, and feel like 60mL plus my product knowledge entitles me to give a wee review.  Proceed...

Let's talk about what's in this product:
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (oh no!)
-plant derived stuff
-a bunch of fragrance
-preservatives which aren't parabens
So, the SLS is a bad world to be a part of for a body wash which claims to be moisturizing.  As we know (maybe?  is this commonly known?) SLS is the cheapest and harshest surfactant (cleanser) going.  I think it speaks of stinginess on the part of a company to use SLS in a body wash they claim is moisturizing.  Yes, SLS is cheap, but this body wash isn't ($5.50 for 60mL !!!) so I feel like someone is pulling the wool over my eyes on this one.
No parabens - great.
 The fragrance is one of my favourites.  However it doesn't smell like something you'd come across in nature - this is what I'm into lately, for shower products.  With that being said, fragrance is a hard thing to evaluate. 

all-in-all I wouldn't repurchase this body wash.  First, because I think a costly body wash should spring for a less harsh surfactant.  And second, because I happen to be into natural scents lately.  But yooooooo, that second reason is entirely contingent on me being me - so you do you.

cheers everyone,
clara xx

Review: Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

Another finished product review. This is the Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment. Sephora describes this as a 'cult classic'...sure? Anyways I got the smaller size (1.5 oz/50 mL) and it is $22 (CND) at Sephora.

I had a little bit left in the container so I took a pic so you could see the consistency.

 Its kind of weird looking, no? Its a weird thick, stiff texture right out of the tub.

 Basically, you take a small amount of the product (it says 1-1.5 teaspoon but it really depends on the length/thickness of your hair) and rub it in your hands until it becomes an oil and then you work that into your hair until its completely covered. Comb through your hair and let it sit. You can also blow dry your hair at this point, apparently that activates the product faster? I'm not sure if thats legit or not, I did it once but didn't notice any difference. How long you leave it in is up to you. The container said 20 minutes, but I usually left it in overnight.

The breakdown:

1. The smell is..distinctive. You either love it or you hate it. It's incredibly strong. Hard to explain really, but has a kind of earthy, herbal kind of smell. I've read reviews where people think it smells like cigarette butts? Ah..I don't really think thats true at all but scents are one of those things that are different for everyone. All in all, I didn't really overly mind the smell. If you just left it in for 20 minutes I don't think it would be that big of a deal. However, I left it in overnight and so that got kind of annoying.

2. Washing it out is not that hard. There are lots of people claiming that it is really hard to get out all of the product when you're in the shower. I would rinse it out, put in conditioner, and then shampoo, and condition again. I had no problem with excess oil/lingering scent.

3. Price. This is a little pricey for such a small container. I have long/thick hair. I had to use quite a bit of product so this little 50mL tub didn't last that long.

4. Efficacy. Let's be real, this product isn't going to 'repair' your split ends. Because that's impossible. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. However, this product made my hair incredibly soft, shiny, and healthier looking. I was incredibly happy with the results, and I got many compliments on my hair while I was using it.

All in all, I like this product. I would repurchase if it wasn't so dang expensive! Its just not practical when I have to use so much for just one treatment. That tub is small for the price point.

Deema xx

Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Light

Here's a product I just finished...two years after I bought it. I actually hit pan on this bronzer about a year in but it took another year to finish it all up. I have very fond memories of this bronzer. I bought it in the shade 021 (Sun Light) and its the perfect shade for my lighter skin in the winter.

Here's the breakdown:

1. It's not the most pigmented, but that may be a bonus if you're uneasy about using bronzer.

2. It's cheap. I think I got this for under $10.

3. It lasts forever (I've had it for 2 years). I really can say with full honesty that I got my money's worth.

4. It also has pretty good lasting power on the face. I've never had any problems with fading/patchiness.

5. It has just the slightest shimmer that disappears almost completely when applied to the face. This may be a pro/con depending on your bronzer preferences.

6. The colour leans towards orange-brown, so it would not be useful for contouring.

Here's a swatch. I had to do this a couple times to get this shade, because its not a super pigmented bronzer. So really, this swatch merely shows the absolute darkest this shade can be (021, Sun Light).

As you can tell, if you have medium to dark skin (I'm pretty pale in the winter months) this shade will be too light. However, there are darker shades available that may work if you have darker skin or if you want a darker bronzer. 

All in all, this is a good bronzer for the price point. I would recommend it for anyone who is just starting to use bronzer and wants to ease their way in. I won't be repurchasing only because I found a Guerlain bronzer on sale for $15 (win!) 


Deema xx

The Body Shop Moringa body butter, in review

Good afternoon all,
Here is another finished product review for you.  I have used up my 50 mL Moringa Body Butter by the The Body Shop.  Here is a picture of it:

the body shop body butter in moringa

This body butter is thick and creamy.  It melts nicely upon application.  It leaves the skin feeling rather sticky, so if that's not your thing I would advise against this product (and, I'm willing to bet, most other butters out there).  The scent is STRONG.  I'm glad I only had 50mL of this product as I feel like any more and I'd become sick sick sick sick sick of the fragrance which is strongly floral.  It is paraben free.  

Having used this product right after the Lavender Blue lotion, I am actually very struck by how much better this butter is.  At least for my needs.  The main thing I noticed is that this butter left my skin feeling emollient (you know what I mean?) from its application after the shower right until my shower the next day.  I'd always note that when the water of the shower hit my skin, my skin would feel silky (even a little oily - but in a good way).  As a dry-skin gal I really liked this, though if you live in a really humid climate then perhaps you wouldn't like it so much.

Final verdict:  I wouldn't repurchase this scent in particular.  However, I would certainly try some more Body Shop butters in future.  I like that you can try the 50 mL mini version to see if you like how it performs before investing in a bigger tub.  With lotion it's so important (to me at least) that both the scent and the moisturizing is bang on.  Still searching for my perfect combo of the two...

cheers everyone,
clara xx

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

Hey everyone.  Here is a quick post about what I lug around in my purse, day-to-day.  I'm a low maintenance makeup person inasmuch as I don't "touch up" anything but my lip throughout the day.  Body-wise I like to have a really good lip balm and hand cream with me at all times.  Along with some deodorant because that's just good sense!

Here is an image of what I keep along with me:
my little makeup bag

As you can see, I have four lip products with me.  I have a Revlon lip butter in 075 lollipop, a mac lipstick in angel, a Revlon colorburst lipstick in 001 lilac, and a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 41 canotier. Here they are swatched:
swatched: revlon lip butter lollipop, mac angel, revlon colorburst lilac, chanel rouge coco canotier

Texture-wise my favourite is the Revlon lip butter.  The Revlon colorburst is a close second though.  I love the way the Chanel feels on the lips, but it doesn't have great (or even good) lasting power.  The mac is fine at first, but I hate the way it settles on the lips.  Just trying to use it up now! 

My lip balm is (and always will be) Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.  This stuff actually works to heal chapped lips.  I also throw it on my cuticles if I notice they are getting rough or cracked.  I also will smooth it into my nails if they start peeling - I honestly don't know if that's effective, however.  I just do it!

My hand cream is a urea-based product (it is 10% urea) called Ureaka!  It is paraben and fragrance free.  Urea acts to draw water to the skin.  There are also emollient materials going on as well.  This cream doesn't feel thick or buttery.  But it leaves my hands silky-smooth.  Review to follow (once it's finished!)

I just purchased Tom's natural, aluminum-free deodorant - it smells like apricots!  Not sure if it'll actually be an efficacious product.  I'll be sure to let you know.  

Swatched: Essie Play Date, Turquoise and Caicos, and Mod Square

Spring/Summer= bright nail colours. These are three of my current faves from Essie: 

 (Left to Right) Play Date, Turquoise and Caicos, Mod Square 

Play Date is a really pretty purple shade that has no shimmer. It is opaque in two coats, and paired with my top coat (Seche Vite) I can usually get about a week with minor tip wear. 

Turquoise and Caicos is a gorgeous turquoise shade that also has no shimmer. This is probably my favourite shade of the three but it is the trickiest to work with. It needs about three coats to be opaque. In fact, the first coat is so light and streaky that you will be very disheartened (I know I was) but just keep going, its worth it, I promise. 

Mod Square is a bight pink (also no shimmer). This has the best colour pay off out of the three. You may be able to get away with just one coat for this shade but I always go for two just to be safe. 


Deema xx

Swatched: MAC Syrup, Cherish, and Russian Red

Quick post, just wanted to show off some swatches of three MAC lipsticks: Syrup, Cherish, and Russian Red. The first two aren't as well known as the third but I still like them as lipsticks.

(Top to bottom) Syrup, Cherish, Russian Red 

I'm not going to show pics on my lips because I find that each lipstick looks completely different on each persons lips depending on the colour of your lips so its not exactly helpful. 

Syrup was the very first MAC lipstick I purchased. Random choice maybe but I (still) really love it. It has a lustre finish which means it doesn't tend to last very long on the lips so reapplication is necessary. Its a really nice mauvy-pink. In the swatch above it may look like it has shimmer but that's just the light hitting it, there is no shimmer in this lipstick. It is a safe every day lipstick that really just enhances the look of your lips. I highly recommend it if you want to start wearing lipstick but your finding the whole process overwhelming. 

Cherish is a peachy-nude colour. If you're someone that can't pull off Hue, then this may be a viable option. On my lips it tends to lean more peachy than nude so it really depends on your own lip colour. It has a satin finish which also doesn't last very long on this lips, but it has a really nice finish and its pretty opaque. 

Russian Red is possibly the most famous red MAC has to offer. It has a matte finish, but that does not mean its drying at all! I love this colour, and it suits a lot of different people. It's opaque in just one swipe so its very easy to use. It's a true red red so if you're looking for that quintessential red this is a good place to start. 



Friday, May 11, 2012

A review of Maybelline Line Stiletto

Hello everybodaaaaaay!
here is a review of Maybelline's Line Stiletto ultimate precision liquid liner.  I'm calling this product "finished" because I've had it for almost two years and it flakes off my eyes when I wear it now :(  I wore it with frequency though, so I feel like I have the necessary qualifications to weigh in on its performance.

 Here is what the product looks like:
maybelline line stiletto

 And here is a swatch of the product in action:
a casual swatch of maybelline line stiletto

All-in-all I did like this product.  I found it exceptionally easy to use.  It was quite pigmented (but not the most pigmented liquid liner by any means - for instance, much less pigmented than my clinique gel liner).  I noticed some drawbacks though.  First, this product didn't have much lasting power, especially as it aged.  After a few hours it would look patchy and faded.  Boo!  Further, it did have  a tendency to feather on the lid.  Which was weird, but basically who would notice such a thing?  You'd have to be REAL close to notice that, realistically.

I wouldn't repurchase because it faded so much, which I really hated.  But it's ease of use deserves a shout-out for sure.

cheers everybody,
clara xx 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Herbal Essences totally twisted curl scrunching gel REVIEWED

How, how, how did I finish 170g (6 OZ) of this gel product?  Gel, really?  What is this, 1998?  COME ON.
I've had this product for years (literally. Maybe 3 or 4).  So over time, and various random usages it has indeed been finished.  This product claims: "I'll keep frizz from making a big fuzz and lock in your waves and spirals with my weightless formula that has a fusion of wild cherry twist and jewel orchid extracts. I make all those humid days feel like a spring breeze." (

totally twisted scrunching gel are you da one? Nope.

Does it live up to its claims?  But I guess it does gel-y things.  But then again, ew, gel-y things.  I have fine, wavy hair and whenever I use this product I think to myself that I'd like piecey, separated, beachy waves.  I've tried it both on damp hair and on dry.  What this product ends up doing is, in fact, very little.  It doesn't really hold my waves in discrete "wavelets" as I'd like it to.  It just sort of acts invisibly on the mid sections of my hair and then makes the ends pouf and frizz.  To the touch it makes the hair feel sticky and crispy.  The smell is pleasant. It contains parabens....................... This product is not for me and I will never repurchase.

I notice that Herbal Essences has another line of products called "Tousle Me Softly" which may be more up my street.  Perhaps my hair wasn't the right texture for this product.  That being said it said it would lock in "waves AND spirals" (emphasis mine)  Furthermore, hair is hair and legit who really wants sticky, crispy, poufy hair?  If you have fine hair I'd avoid this one.  Trust me on this.  Somehow I finished this wholeeeeeeeeee product.  It sucked.  The end.

cheers everyone
clara xx

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This concealer has the longest name in the history of makeup products. It also has been talked about A LOT on blogs/youtube etc, so just add my name to the list. I have already used this up once and I'm almost done my second bottle of it. That just goes to show you a) I like this product and b) I use a lot of concealer. That being said, this isn't some miracle concealer that completely erases all of your dark circles so don't buy it expecting that. Instead, this gives you decent coverage, and its biggest plus is the consistency. Its creamy and blends into your skin beautifully. If you have really dark circles under your eyes, I highly doubt that this would completely cover them but when paired with another concealer it might just do the trick. Lately I've been putting it on top of my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer and its been great.

I find this comparable to the MAC Moisture Cover concealer in terms of consistency and coverage. However, the Instant Age Rewind does NOT work on blemishes or any other spots/acne scars you want to cover up. It is pretty clear that it just for the under eye area, so don't waste it and your time trying to cover up anything else.

All in all, this is a pretty good concealer- and it is a great product for the price point.

Deema xx

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A review of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

Hello all,

here again with another finished product to review for you.  A little note on the products I've reviewed thus far: I'd been accumulating these products for about a month or so whilst I finished up my exams hence why I've been able to review lots consecutively.  Don't worry - I'm not an over-user of products.  Waste not want not!  As they say.

Since I'm reviewing a skin care product, it would be useful to know about the sort of skin I have.  I have combination skin which leans dry in winter (thanks, Canada) and oily in summer.  

Anyway, on to the cetaphil.  This is the second bottle of cetaphil I have purchased.  And, for a long time (we're talking like almost two years) I thought this "simple" cleanser was "the best".  I would say things like "I just want a cleanser that will clean my skin - nothing fancy" and think smugly of my economical bottle of cetaphil. I thought it left my skin neutral. It didn't make it radiant or anything like that, but it cleansed away impurities - it was simple, effective.  Bam.   I was satisfied.

But let's talk about what cetaphil is made out of:
-some alcohol
-three different sorts of parabens
-sodium lauryl sulfate
UMMMMM.  what?  THREE kinds of parabens?  SLS?  Two kinds of alcohols?  huh?  what exactly is gentle about this product?

I finished this bottle about three weeks ago and have switched to alternative cleanser (which will be glowingly reviewed when I finish it!).  The difference in my skin has been remarkable. Whereas I thought of my skin before as neutral, I now see that it was slightly dried out (probably due to the alcohol and SLS).  My skin now feels more plumped.  Cetaphil also did a realllll bad job at removing makeup, which makes one question what else it is failing to cleanse away.  My skin texture has also improved since stopping cetaphil.  Seriously, why did I use this product for so long?  I can see clearly now the rain has gone...

an obvious hint at which cleanser I now love

My conclusions about cetaphil are that it is not as gentle as it claims to be.  It doesn't remove makeup effectively either.  It is fragrance free which, while not important to me, may be important to you.  That being said for an addition $8-10 extra you can get a much better cleanser (hint hint see above) with ingredients that aren't to-be-avoided.  I will not be repurchasing cetaphil in future.

cheers everyone, and happy shopping
clara xx 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: GOSH Colour Rescue Shampoo/Conditioner

In carrying on with the trend, here is a shampoo/conditioner I recently finished. I purchased these after I coloured my hair, in hopes that it would help the colour last longer while saving some money because they are pretty big bottles (500 mL).

I was intrigued by the claims on the bottles: 'Heliogenol, a herbal extract that protects the colour-treated hair from UV-exposure and fading, locks in colour with its amazing protection system. Repairs damage caused by oxidation. Leaves colour-treated hair looking fresh and vibrant.' 

Wrong- so very, very wrong. This duo did nothing to maintain my colour, it never looked so dull in my life. More so, it dried out my hair. I have long, thick wavy hair so its not really hard to dry out my hair but it is an incredibly annoying result from a shampoo/conditioner. I kept blaming it on the weather (Canadian winters are pretty harsh) but in the end I knew that the poor condition of my hair was a result of this product when I was finally free from its clutches and tried something else (review on that to come soon!).

Would not repurchase in a million years.


Lavender Blue body lotion, reviewed.

Hi everyone.  Here is another finished product review.  Today I'm reviewing the Lavender Blue body lotion.  Lavender Blue (or Steed & Company, as this small producer is now called) makes lavender scented products.  The lavender oil is extracted from lavender which is grown on-site in Sparta, Ontario.  Great, local stuff (if you live in Southwestern Ontario that is).  Here is the link to their site.

The body lotion I finished smelled beautifully herbal.  The lavender scent really makes for a nice body lotion in spring and summer.  It is, perhaps, a little sharp for winter time.  I like a warm, sweet, spicy smell for winter time.  The lotion itself was paraben free (yay!) but wasn't the most moisturizing.  It was quite liquid-y, not thick or rich or buttery.  It did soak in very quickly, however.  So if that's your thing feel free to go..........wild.  Like other products with a pump, getting the last bit of product out the bottle was a pain in the tush.  Oh the troubles one must face in the quest to finish the shiz in the bathroom cabinets...

I would repurchase because of the incredibly fragrant and natural lavender scent.  However, I prefer something a little thicker for a body cream. 

Here is a picture:
Lavender Blue body lotion. Thin......but delish.
So, all-in-all a fairly standard hand-crafty, natural type lotion here.  Notable for it's high levels of true-to-lavender scent as well as its thin consistency (which may be up your street, or it may not be).

I'm trying to decide which of my lotions to tap into next... I've got an old Body Shop body butter in a scent I don't like much, and a DELISH brand new body butter by some small Canadian company.  As well as another lavender scented lotion (a butter this time).  Merrr.  It may have to be the lavender butter so I can finish it up.

 Cheers, everyone
 Clara xx 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Burt's Bees Radiance Body Wash - a review

Hello all. Today I offer you another post in-line with the new vision I have for this blog.  Yay for finished product reviews.  I recently finished up a 350mL bottle of Burt's Bees Radiance body wash with royal jelly and jojoba beads.  What were my thoughts on it?

"Ew.  This stuff smells like bee vomit."

Yes, that's what I thought EVERY time I used this product.  It smelled of vomit.  And other things, too.  But the hint of vomit was there.  With the bee royal jelly thing, this led me to conclude that what I was smelling was bee vomit.  This probably (definitely?) was not what I was smelling.  But in my mind it was bee vomit. And I just.....I mean......who wants that to become a part of her daily routine?

Here is a picture of it:

Wash away dull, reveal radiance.
Burt's Bees Radiance body wash (smells like bee vomit)
  Let's talk about some things I liked:
(i) It has no parabens or SLS so I could slather myself with abandon, without any fear, whatsoever
(ii) My skin never felt dry or tight after use.

Let's talk, also, about things which I did not like:
(i) The smell, obvi
(ii) it didn't lather particularly well.  I attributed this to the SLS free thing, but I'm using a Desert Essence body wash now which is both SLS free and lather-y
(iii) I had to use SO much to feel clean.  Sometimes I would lather up and the beginning of my shower, rinse, do the rest of my shower routine and then have to lather and rinse again!
(iv) the price.  I went through this quite fast and it was fairly costly.

Conclusion:  DON'T BUY (Arrested Development reference, anyone?)

cheers everybody,

clara xx