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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Body Shop Moringa body butter, in review

Good afternoon all,
Here is another finished product review for you.  I have used up my 50 mL Moringa Body Butter by the The Body Shop.  Here is a picture of it:

the body shop body butter in moringa

This body butter is thick and creamy.  It melts nicely upon application.  It leaves the skin feeling rather sticky, so if that's not your thing I would advise against this product (and, I'm willing to bet, most other butters out there).  The scent is STRONG.  I'm glad I only had 50mL of this product as I feel like any more and I'd become sick sick sick sick sick of the fragrance which is strongly floral.  It is paraben free.  

Having used this product right after the Lavender Blue lotion, I am actually very struck by how much better this butter is.  At least for my needs.  The main thing I noticed is that this butter left my skin feeling emollient (you know what I mean?) from its application after the shower right until my shower the next day.  I'd always note that when the water of the shower hit my skin, my skin would feel silky (even a little oily - but in a good way).  As a dry-skin gal I really liked this, though if you live in a really humid climate then perhaps you wouldn't like it so much.

Final verdict:  I wouldn't repurchase this scent in particular.  However, I would certainly try some more Body Shop butters in future.  I like that you can try the 50 mL mini version to see if you like how it performs before investing in a bigger tub.  With lotion it's so important (to me at least) that both the scent and the moisturizing is bang on.  Still searching for my perfect combo of the two...

cheers everyone,
clara xx

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