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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Burt's Bees Radiance Body Wash - a review

Hello all. Today I offer you another post in-line with the new vision I have for this blog.  Yay for finished product reviews.  I recently finished up a 350mL bottle of Burt's Bees Radiance body wash with royal jelly and jojoba beads.  What were my thoughts on it?

"Ew.  This stuff smells like bee vomit."

Yes, that's what I thought EVERY time I used this product.  It smelled of vomit.  And other things, too.  But the hint of vomit was there.  With the bee royal jelly thing, this led me to conclude that what I was smelling was bee vomit.  This probably (definitely?) was not what I was smelling.  But in my mind it was bee vomit. And I just.....I mean......who wants that to become a part of her daily routine?

Here is a picture of it:

Wash away dull, reveal radiance.
Burt's Bees Radiance body wash (smells like bee vomit)
  Let's talk about some things I liked:
(i) It has no parabens or SLS so I could slather myself with abandon, without any fear, whatsoever
(ii) My skin never felt dry or tight after use.

Let's talk, also, about things which I did not like:
(i) The smell, obvi
(ii) it didn't lather particularly well.  I attributed this to the SLS free thing, but I'm using a Desert Essence body wash now which is both SLS free and lather-y
(iii) I had to use SO much to feel clean.  Sometimes I would lather up and the beginning of my shower, rinse, do the rest of my shower routine and then have to lather and rinse again!
(iv) the price.  I went through this quite fast and it was fairly costly.

Conclusion:  DON'T BUY (Arrested Development reference, anyone?)

cheers everybody,

clara xx

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