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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grace Farm Organics - luscious lavender sugar cane body scrub

Ok.  So I have a new vision for reviewing products on this blog.  I've developed a love for youtube "empties" videos in which the youtuber fills us (the viewers) in on her thoughts on products she has FINISHED.  Finishing a product is maybe the MOST satisfying feeling, amirite?  You feel like you have actually gotten your money's worth - and when you have an obsession with bath & beauty products, getting your money's worth just feels........great.  It validates you!

And reviews about a product someone has actually finished are always the best.  Because having finished something, boy, you sure do KNOW how you feel about it.

With that in mind, I'd like to do a series of reviews on products which I have used up completely.

Alright, so the first product I'd like to review is Grace Farm Organics' "Luscious Lavender sugar cane body scrub".  Here is a picture of it: 

Organic Body Polish Sugar Scrub - Click Image to Close*Note this is the unscented version. But you may, of course, choose the lavender scent upon checkout

I used this body scrub daily (I know you're not supposed to but that sure didn't stop me) and it lasted me for perhaps two months.  I liked several things about it:
(i) It had a beautiful, true to reality, lavender scent.
(ii) it contains none of the "bad stuff" I try my best to avoid (I make a special effort to avoid parabens amongst others)
(iii) the sugar dissolved nicely but exfoliated sufficiently - my skin felt smooth
(iv) it was quite oily, which I love!  Everyone should try shower oils.  It's the best way to finish off a shower.  Just stay away from oils based on petrochemicals such as Johnson's Baby Oil (rip baby oil - you were great until I realized what you were made of...).

I used this product up very quickly.  It is quite reasonably priced, however, and if you used it as one ought to (ie: not everyday) then it would obviously last longer.

I really liked this product.  Here is the link to the product.  They do offer shipping at a reasonable rate.  However, in the interest of being environmentally and socially helpful I suggest checking out local natural body scrub products from around your area.  I get the sense that these sorts of wonderful, delightful products are crafted by people all OVER the place.  Check out local suppliers.

cheers everyone,

clara xx

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