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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lavender Blue body lotion, reviewed.

Hi everyone.  Here is another finished product review.  Today I'm reviewing the Lavender Blue body lotion.  Lavender Blue (or Steed & Company, as this small producer is now called) makes lavender scented products.  The lavender oil is extracted from lavender which is grown on-site in Sparta, Ontario.  Great, local stuff (if you live in Southwestern Ontario that is).  Here is the link to their site.

The body lotion I finished smelled beautifully herbal.  The lavender scent really makes for a nice body lotion in spring and summer.  It is, perhaps, a little sharp for winter time.  I like a warm, sweet, spicy smell for winter time.  The lotion itself was paraben free (yay!) but wasn't the most moisturizing.  It was quite liquid-y, not thick or rich or buttery.  It did soak in very quickly, however.  So if that's your thing feel free to go..........wild.  Like other products with a pump, getting the last bit of product out the bottle was a pain in the tush.  Oh the troubles one must face in the quest to finish the shiz in the bathroom cabinets...

I would repurchase because of the incredibly fragrant and natural lavender scent.  However, I prefer something a little thicker for a body cream. 

Here is a picture:
Lavender Blue body lotion. Thin......but delish.
So, all-in-all a fairly standard hand-crafty, natural type lotion here.  Notable for it's high levels of true-to-lavender scent as well as its thin consistency (which may be up your street, or it may not be).

I'm trying to decide which of my lotions to tap into next... I've got an old Body Shop body butter in a scent I don't like much, and a DELISH brand new body butter by some small Canadian company.  As well as another lavender scented lotion (a butter this time).  Merrr.  It may have to be the lavender butter so I can finish it up.

 Cheers, everyone
 Clara xx 

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