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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Desert Essence coconut body wash

Hello, hello.

Here again to talk about Desert Essence's coconut body wash which I have finished.  Here is the product:

Organics Body Wash Coconut
desert essence coconut body wash
I paid $9.99 for this product.  All 237 mL of it (8 fl. oz). Bam. That's an expensive shower gel.  Was it worth it?  Nope.  Was it a good shower gel?  Absolutely.  The ingredients list is an absolute pleasure to read.  Water, coconut oil, a bunch of fruit extracts, the surfactant is sodium coco-sulfate (gentle).  It lathered beautifully!  This product is also paraben-free.  It smelled pretty good, nothing to write home about though.  It was not drying at all.  Loved that.  However, I ran out of this SO quickly.  And I'm confident I can find a shower gel that isn't drying, is paraben-free, smells GREAT and doesn't break the bank.  The search continues.

clara xx

1 comment:

  1. I would love to try this just for the smell, I'm really in to scents like this as they remind me of being on holiday! x