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Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: GOSH Colour Rescue Shampoo/Conditioner

In carrying on with the trend, here is a shampoo/conditioner I recently finished. I purchased these after I coloured my hair, in hopes that it would help the colour last longer while saving some money because they are pretty big bottles (500 mL).

I was intrigued by the claims on the bottles: 'Heliogenol, a herbal extract that protects the colour-treated hair from UV-exposure and fading, locks in colour with its amazing protection system. Repairs damage caused by oxidation. Leaves colour-treated hair looking fresh and vibrant.' 

Wrong- so very, very wrong. This duo did nothing to maintain my colour, it never looked so dull in my life. More so, it dried out my hair. I have long, thick wavy hair so its not really hard to dry out my hair but it is an incredibly annoying result from a shampoo/conditioner. I kept blaming it on the weather (Canadian winters are pretty harsh) but in the end I knew that the poor condition of my hair was a result of this product when I was finally free from its clutches and tried something else (review on that to come soon!).

Would not repurchase in a million years.


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