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Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: La Coupe Root Blast texture and volume spray

Hey everyone!

here again with a finished product to review.  This time it's a hair product. Some things to know about my hair:  it's fine, wavy, sensitive to humidity, and long(ish).  I use this volume spray for - surprise! -  volume.  To use it, I sprayed all over my roots (front, back, side, side), applied the rest of my styling products and blow-dried.  Here is a picture of the product:
La Coupe root blast texture and volume spray

Love.  Ok, so this is the first root spray I've tried.  I've had it for over two years (yep) but for the first year I wasn't aware that blow drying is essential & non-negotiable with this product.  It is heat activated, people!  So, ya, after realizing that upon blow drying this product is great I gained new love for it.  I use it every time I blow dry and it does, indeed, give me volume.  It doesn't leave any residue (unless you reeeeeeeeeeally over do it, but you'd have to spray it like 30 times) and gives me lift for two days (depending on humidity levels merr).  I sprayed it about a foot away from my head, also.  I think this method is best - apparently, many of us spray styling products to close to the head and this makes them less efficacious.  Fact for you all, there.

I have already repurchased this product.  It was $5.99 at Shoppers!

Now, some things to note... The old version of this product (the one I have just finished) contains methylparaben. However, the NEW VERSION that I purchased about a month ago contains no parabens at all.  Otherwise the formula looks very much the same.  Here's hoping it performs as well as the original version! The new version is called La Coupe (volume line) root lift spray and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, as well as online.

cheers everybody,
clara xx

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