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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A review of Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

Hello all,

here again with another finished product to review for you.  A little note on the products I've reviewed thus far: I'd been accumulating these products for about a month or so whilst I finished up my exams hence why I've been able to review lots consecutively.  Don't worry - I'm not an over-user of products.  Waste not want not!  As they say.

Since I'm reviewing a skin care product, it would be useful to know about the sort of skin I have.  I have combination skin which leans dry in winter (thanks, Canada) and oily in summer.  

Anyway, on to the cetaphil.  This is the second bottle of cetaphil I have purchased.  And, for a long time (we're talking like almost two years) I thought this "simple" cleanser was "the best".  I would say things like "I just want a cleanser that will clean my skin - nothing fancy" and think smugly of my economical bottle of cetaphil. I thought it left my skin neutral. It didn't make it radiant or anything like that, but it cleansed away impurities - it was simple, effective.  Bam.   I was satisfied.

But let's talk about what cetaphil is made out of:
-some alcohol
-three different sorts of parabens
-sodium lauryl sulfate
UMMMMM.  what?  THREE kinds of parabens?  SLS?  Two kinds of alcohols?  huh?  what exactly is gentle about this product?

I finished this bottle about three weeks ago and have switched to alternative cleanser (which will be glowingly reviewed when I finish it!).  The difference in my skin has been remarkable. Whereas I thought of my skin before as neutral, I now see that it was slightly dried out (probably due to the alcohol and SLS).  My skin now feels more plumped.  Cetaphil also did a realllll bad job at removing makeup, which makes one question what else it is failing to cleanse away.  My skin texture has also improved since stopping cetaphil.  Seriously, why did I use this product for so long?  I can see clearly now the rain has gone...

an obvious hint at which cleanser I now love

My conclusions about cetaphil are that it is not as gentle as it claims to be.  It doesn't remove makeup effectively either.  It is fragrance free which, while not important to me, may be important to you.  That being said for an addition $8-10 extra you can get a much better cleanser (hint hint see above) with ingredients that aren't to-be-avoided.  I will not be repurchasing cetaphil in future.

cheers everyone, and happy shopping
clara xx 

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