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Friday, May 11, 2012

A review of Maybelline Line Stiletto

Hello everybodaaaaaay!
here is a review of Maybelline's Line Stiletto ultimate precision liquid liner.  I'm calling this product "finished" because I've had it for almost two years and it flakes off my eyes when I wear it now :(  I wore it with frequency though, so I feel like I have the necessary qualifications to weigh in on its performance.

 Here is what the product looks like:
maybelline line stiletto

 And here is a swatch of the product in action:
a casual swatch of maybelline line stiletto

All-in-all I did like this product.  I found it exceptionally easy to use.  It was quite pigmented (but not the most pigmented liquid liner by any means - for instance, much less pigmented than my clinique gel liner).  I noticed some drawbacks though.  First, this product didn't have much lasting power, especially as it aged.  After a few hours it would look patchy and faded.  Boo!  Further, it did have  a tendency to feather on the lid.  Which was weird, but basically who would notice such a thing?  You'd have to be REAL close to notice that, realistically.

I wouldn't repurchase because it faded so much, which I really hated.  But it's ease of use deserves a shout-out for sure.

cheers everybody,
clara xx 

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