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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Swatched: MAC Syrup, Cherish, and Russian Red

Quick post, just wanted to show off some swatches of three MAC lipsticks: Syrup, Cherish, and Russian Red. The first two aren't as well known as the third but I still like them as lipsticks.

(Top to bottom) Syrup, Cherish, Russian Red 

I'm not going to show pics on my lips because I find that each lipstick looks completely different on each persons lips depending on the colour of your lips so its not exactly helpful. 

Syrup was the very first MAC lipstick I purchased. Random choice maybe but I (still) really love it. It has a lustre finish which means it doesn't tend to last very long on the lips so reapplication is necessary. Its a really nice mauvy-pink. In the swatch above it may look like it has shimmer but that's just the light hitting it, there is no shimmer in this lipstick. It is a safe every day lipstick that really just enhances the look of your lips. I highly recommend it if you want to start wearing lipstick but your finding the whole process overwhelming. 

Cherish is a peachy-nude colour. If you're someone that can't pull off Hue, then this may be a viable option. On my lips it tends to lean more peachy than nude so it really depends on your own lip colour. It has a satin finish which also doesn't last very long on this lips, but it has a really nice finish and its pretty opaque. 

Russian Red is possibly the most famous red MAC has to offer. It has a matte finish, but that does not mean its drying at all! I love this colour, and it suits a lot of different people. It's opaque in just one swipe so its very easy to use. It's a true red red so if you're looking for that quintessential red this is a good place to start. 



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