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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thymes Kimono Rose body wash - a review

Hey everyone,

here, another finished product review.  On the docket: Thymes Kimono Rose body wash - 60mL.  Here is the image from
Kimono Rose Body Wash Travel Size
kimono rose body wash

So, I only got to sample 60mL of this product (by contrast, the Desert Essence body wash I'm using regularly at the moment is 200mL).  However, I am very familiar with the Kimono Rose line in general, and feel like 60mL plus my product knowledge entitles me to give a wee review.  Proceed...

Let's talk about what's in this product:
-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (oh no!)
-plant derived stuff
-a bunch of fragrance
-preservatives which aren't parabens
So, the SLS is a bad world to be a part of for a body wash which claims to be moisturizing.  As we know (maybe?  is this commonly known?) SLS is the cheapest and harshest surfactant (cleanser) going.  I think it speaks of stinginess on the part of a company to use SLS in a body wash they claim is moisturizing.  Yes, SLS is cheap, but this body wash isn't ($5.50 for 60mL !!!) so I feel like someone is pulling the wool over my eyes on this one.
No parabens - great.
 The fragrance is one of my favourites.  However it doesn't smell like something you'd come across in nature - this is what I'm into lately, for shower products.  With that being said, fragrance is a hard thing to evaluate. 

all-in-all I wouldn't repurchase this body wash.  First, because I think a costly body wash should spring for a less harsh surfactant.  And second, because I happen to be into natural scents lately.  But yooooooo, that second reason is entirely contingent on me being me - so you do you.

cheers everyone,
clara xx

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