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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY: Rosewater Toner

Hey everyone! This post is a little different then our usual mix but I'm into DIY beauty so someone else must be too, right? One of the latest trends in the beauty world is rosewater toner- Lush Eau Roma Water Toner has been used by possible every beauty youtuber possible. So naturally, I was intrigued. I checked out the website which listed the ingredients: lavender water, rosewater, limonene and linalool (some 'liquids' that smell nice, and naturally occur in some essential oils), perfume, and methylparaben.

Hmm..that got me to thinking that: a) get out stupid parabens! and b) I can totally make this myself!

And so I did. It was SO easy..TOO easy. And you can do it too. Here's what you need:

1) Rosewater- duh. Okay, you can be all extra special and make this yourself by taking some distilled water and sticking some rose petals (with no chemicals on them, of course) in there for a few hours before draining them. OR you can just go buy some- its cheap. Here's a hint- go on to google, and search for any middle eastern/turkish grocery stores in your town. I will guarantee that you will find a bottle of rosewater there cheaper than any other store you look. I found a 600mL bottle for $3.99...

you COULD do this..or you could just buy it. it might actually be cheaper to buy it (roses are expensive!)

2) Any kind of nice smelling, essential oil- I used lavender oil. A 15mL bottle cost me $13.49 at the grocery store (organic aisles ftw!). It sounds expensive, but you only need a couple drops of this per batch of toner you make so it'll last a long time- no worries! Geranium oil would also be nice- but its almost double the price of lavender.

3) A spray bottle- I got a little one from Shoppers. You can use anything you like!

That's it!

Put some rosewater in the bottle. Add a 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Shake every time you use it. Done! Its so refreshing and it feels awesome to know that you stuck it to the beauty industry by not giving in. Lets be real- we all know toner is one big fraud. Especially those with alcohol in them. And guess what? Natural rosewater is actually really good for your skin. This toner leaves my skin feeling not only refreshed, but smoother and just generally better. It also smells amazing- so much winning.

Make small batches at a time, and keep it either refrigerated or in a cupboard away from the sun!

Also- don't be afraid to experiment with different stuff! I think I'm going to stick a couple fresh mint leaves in my toner next time!

Happy diy-ing!

Deema xx

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