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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the ever-evasive nude nail for fair skin-tones SOLVED

Hi there, 

if you're like me (the deliberate, ruminating sort of shopper) then you'll likely have had just as tough a time finding the PERFECT nude nail colour.  Man, it's hard to do.  Why?  Because it's akin to finding the right foundation shade - it needs to be the perfect colour match AND have the right finish.  

Well, I think I've found the solution for people whose skin tone is neutral and light - not porcelain - we're talking like a mac NW20, make up forever HD 115, DiorSkin Nude 020, L'oreal True Match N2 kind of colour.  About the second lightest shade  for stuff at the drugstore.  Sally Hansen offers a line called "complete salon manicure" and the shade 220 Cafe au Lait is a pretty damn good nude for skin tones similar to mine. 

Here is the product:
sally hansen complete salon manicure 220 cafe au lait

Now, in terms of formula I can't say a whole lot.  Mainly because I'm not a nail care expert, nor have I finished this product.  That being said, the word on the street is that this line of polishes is excellent - one of the best you'll find at the drugstore.  

More nail shots!

indoor light

natural light
A final question - if any of you know of a good nail strengthener for peeling, weak (but not brittle, really) nails LET ME KNOW in the comments. As we can all clearly see, my nails are short and sad :(  

xx clara

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