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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reviewed: L'Occitane Immortelle Eye Balm

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Here's another finished product review- one that was a long time in the making. You see, I bought this eye cream about a year and a half ago (maybe closer to two) when I was in L'Occitane. I asked the girl working there if they had anything for dark circles/under eye area because its always been a problem of mine. My eyes always seem to look so tired! Newsflash: this is not a good look on anyone. So she recommended this to me. I don't know what I was thinking, but I bought it then and there. No research, nothing! And this is an expensive eye cream- I'm not exactly sure how much I paid for it because you can't buy it on its own from the L'Occitane website but Sephora (US) has it for $45. That's a lot of money for 15mL of product.

Anyways, I used it like I was supposed to. Morning and night, I lightly patted the product with my ring finger to my under eyes. Guess what happened? My skin went so dry its ridiculous. Like DRY. It was unfortunate, to say the least. I tried to return it- they said no dice because I had put my grubby little fingers in it. And so, I stuck my $45 eye cream in a drawer and bid adieu.

Flash forward to a few months ago when I come across it again. I figure, its getting warmer so maybe my skin isn't so dry and sensitive right now. Also- I just used it at night. And I did that up until yesterday, when I scraped the last little bit away. Now, I know you aren't supposed to use skin care so long after you've opened/bought it. I get it, totally. But come on. Ain't nothing bad happened here. It's not the end of the world, and frankly, I wanted to get my money's worth.

So what did I actually think? It's a very light weight eye cream that absorbs into your skin pretty quickly. I didn't have any adverse effects this time around, so that was a relief. But all in all- this didn't do anything for my dark circles, or my bags. Like nothing. Zilch. Some mornings I woke up and thought that it had actually worked, but then I just realized that I had slept really well the previous couple of nights. Still have fine lines- I actually think they're increasing or getting more noticeable..which wtf! No parabens though! And the ingredient list reads like a dream. Also, the jar is really nice. I think I'm going to keep it and find some other purpose for it.

BUT- that's just not cutting it, considering the price point. And if I had used it like I was supposed to (twice a day) this would've been gone really fast. 15mL is a really small amount. I know L'Occitane is French and a big deal but that is just ridiculous. $45 for 15mL?? No thanks.

I would not repurchase. If you're thinking about it, get a sample first. Get five. KNOW you love it before you drop that dough.

Deema xx

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