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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sexy, beachy hair for under a dime!

Hey everyone,

I was inspired by Deema's DIY rose and lavender water toner to try a little project of my own!  In honour of the summer solstice, I wanted to create beachy, natural-looking curls.  You know, goddess-esque.  So I looked into sea salt sprays.  My findings weren't great.  I wanted to try bumble and bumble surf spray but discovered it to cost $24 (US) for a mere 4floz.  Not happening.  Even drugstore alternatives seemed costly.  I decided to look up a recipe online and give it a go.  I found this one: LINK.

my creation

The recipe calls for salt, conditioner, gel and optional essential oil.  I had the salt and conditioner (and so do you I bet!) as well as the essential oil (verbena, in my case).  I purchased the gel - $2.99 aussie gel - and a 100ml spray bottle ($4.99 for two).  I mixed 100mL of tap water with half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of Suave conditioner, a blob of the gel and a few drops of the verbena oil.  I mixed them together by shaking the spray container.  Yes - that easy.

ingredients included these elements, water, and salt

I sprayed this on damp hair, scrunched and left to air-dry.  Here is the resulting hair (and I had slept in these curls - they held up amazingly!):  

Not amazing volume at the crown, but I got better curls and curl-retention with this product than with pricey salon products I've tried in the past.  I estimate the cost of this particular bottle was under a dime.  100ml of water from my tap - a penny? Maybe?   A blob of cheap gel - two pennies?  A bit of $1.99 conditioner - a penny.  And a few (optional) drops of perfume oil - maybe a nickle.  After my initial "costs" (gel, spray bottle - both of which will serve me for MILLIONS OF BATCHES OF THIS STUFF) I'd say that is damn good value for money, any way you slice it.  Give it a go!

clara xx 

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