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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tashodi three butter body cream, in review

hello all,

here with a finished product to review for you.  This time it's a body butter, specifically Tashodi's three butter body cream in the scent japanese peppermint and lemongrass.  While this particular scent is no longer available, there are others.  Including an intriguing green coffee one. Here is the link to the product.  Tashodi is a Canadian company out of Toronto.  The butter costs $12.99 + shipping (free shipping on purchases of $50 or more) if you buy directly from them.  I personally picked up this butter for $6.99 at Winners.  I love you , Winners.  Here is a little pic:

The butter is paraben-free.  It contains lots of nice emollients including sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil and cocoa and shea butter.  The scent was pleasant and inoffensive - but has sadly been discontinued.  The texture of the product was thick and didn't sink in particularly well.  While I don't mind this one bit, you might.  I went through this rather quickly (under a month!).  That being said, the cost per use was a mere $0.26.  Not bad value for money if you ask me - at the Winners price point, anyway.  Tashodi claims to be a fair-trade oriented company...but I'm not sure what the story is on their body butters.

How well did this work though?  It was not as moisturizing as the Body Shop Moringa body butter (review here!).  However, it was more moisturizing than the Lavender Blue (review here!).  I found that, while it would feel buttery going on the feeling of moisture wouldn't LAST as long on the skin.  Not a moisture miracle worker, by any stretch of the imagination.  But sufficient for my needs.

Would I repurchase?  From Winners - yes.  I don't think I'd repurchase from the website however.  I'm torn though!  Because I'm interested in the other scents they offer.  I also like the ethos of the company (though, of course, I'd like to know more about it).  Was it my favourite body butter ever?  No - but mainly due to the scent falling a bit flat for me and the middling moisturizing.

cheers everyone


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  1. These products do look quite intriguing! And I love jojoba oil. I can be a bit scarce when I try out new body butters and moisturizers. I stick with Nivea unless I receive some as a gift. However, I do love the BodyShop ones. That's not very youthful of me is it? xo