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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reviewed: Nivea Pure and Natural Deodorant

This is not a finished product review, so I apologize. But guys, I couldn't finish this product. I just couldn't bear it any longer. This is the worst deodorant I have ever had the unfortunate experience of using. 
The culprit

I originally purchased this deodorant because I've been thinking about trying a natural deodorant, without aluminum and that other bad stuff.  So I saw this at the drug store, and since I usually like Nivea's products, I gave it a go. 

It's the deodorant stick version, not the roll on. Its not like a regular stick of kind of goes on 'wet.' Which wouldn't be so bad if it actually ever dried. Seriously. I would put this on and hours later, it felt soo sticky and gross. I didn't necessarily sweat with this deodorant, but it did not leave a pleasant smell when the going got rough if ya know what I mean. And its summer time y'all. That is bad news bears. I tried. I really tried. I would put this on way before my clothes, and let it kind of air dry- which sort of worked, but not really. And 24 hours- ya right. No. 

I was packing last week and when I saw how much was left, I just tossed it. I couldn't do it anymore. I'll take whatever bad things aluminum does to me, I'm going back to regular deodorant..unless someone can suggest an all natural deodorant that is actually legit? 

Deema xx 

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