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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A shower gel review, a shower gel revelation

Hi all, 

here again to review a finished product.  Today I finished up The Body Shop's Earth Lovers Apricot and Basil shower gel.  This product is regularly CDN $10, but I got two for $16.  You get 250mL.  Here she is:
Earth Lovers Apricot & Basil Shower Gel - Shower
Basically, I liked this shower gel.  It lathered well and was not drying.  It also didn't leave a residue on the skin.  The scent was delicately fruity, light and pleasant.  I like my shower gel with a bit more olfactory punch though, so this product didn't knock it out of the park in that respect.  It cleaned adequately. It is free of SLS and parabens.  

I guess mainly, through this experiment of trying to be a smart consumer and really examining the products I use everyday, I've realized some stuff about shower gel.  I go through it really fast!  I like ones that smell strong.  I don't like drying or sticky options.  Since I go through it quickly I'm still looking for a cheaper option.  $8 a month on shower gel isn't a responsible budgetary expenditure for me!  And since this one didn't smell FANTASTIC I won't repurchase.

clara xx    

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