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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another "products I regret buying" post

Hey hey, 

so I was cleaning out my cupboards today in preparation for a move and realized that now would be a good time to do a products I regret buying post - much like the wonderful Deema.

1.  got2b 2sexy voluptous volume mousse.  Oh boy.  I bought this four years ago and have probably a third of the bottle left.  This product does add some volume to the hair when you blowdry it through.  However, it's sticky.  And I like my LaCoupe root blast better anyway.  I'm throwing this out.
2. got2b defiant define+shine pommade.  Wow - didn't even put it together that these are both got2b products until just now.  Anyway, this pommade is waaaaaaaaay too sticky and thick (and oddly greasy) for my fine, wavy, longish hair.  If you're a man or boy or teenaged man-boy with shortish hair then maybe this would be for you.  OR if you're a super cool lady with short hair this might be for you too.  But for long-haired humans this is just not the way to go if texture is what you're after.  

3.  mac lipstick in Costa Chic.  Frosty.  Electric reddened peach.  tacky. as. hell.  I deeply regret this one.  Will back 2 mac it.  Such a shame.  I have neutral to cool undertones and boyyyyyyyyyyy does this look bad.  Though, in principle, this lipstick will almost certainly look tacky on anyone with all that frostiness and garishness going on.  

4.  Diorskin Nude natural glow hydrating makeup (aka foundation) in 020.  Oh this is a sad one. I paid $56 for this at Shoppers Drug Mart.  It has a beautiful finish and texture.  but OH MAN this oxidizes like crazy.  It just gets crazy dark and orange.  So sad.  The pump one mine also sucks.  It is stuck and I have to work the hell out of it to get at the remaining product (about a quarter of the bottle is left).  So sad :(
deerskin new nude foundation

5.  Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with SPF 50.  GROSS.  this claims to be "non-greasy" and "non-comedogenic".'s greasy.  So, so greasy.  So horribly greasy. And it probably did break me out (but not terribly).  It left a white cast on the skin because it is primarily a mineral sunscreen.  It smells like sunscreen.  I paid $20 for this and it wasn't worth it at all.    
Cetaphil SPF 50

Nothing is worse than products you regret buying, if like me, you're on a tight budget.  As a student it feels baddddd to waste money on products that let me down, in the end.  


cheers everyone, 
clara xx


  1. so many regrets, such a bummer! interesting that we both regret the dior foundations we bought within the same week as each other lol. great post girl xx

  2. Such a shame about these products :( I thought the MAC lipstick looked really pretty, but it does happen quite often that the product looks prettier online. Plus the diorskin foundation! It was so expensive :( I normally love door products as well. Great idea for a post though! :D xx