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Friday, August 10, 2012

Reviewed: The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream

I just recently finished the Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I bought this at the end of April (or maybe early May?), so it’s lasted me about 3.5 months. I got the 30mL size, but when I went on the website it only had the 100mL advertised. Odd? I don’t think I would like this in a 100mL version. It seems like it would a) be too big, because I just liked to stick this in my purse and b) too expensive! – it says its $20 online, which I personally don’t think its worth.

 I got this for free during some sort of promo. It has no parabens. It smells absolutely amazing. Whenever I put this on I just smell my hands and it's pure bliss. The packaging is okay, it comes in some sort of aluminum or tin tube. But, the cap is annoying. It’s a screw cap, but it can be hard to get back on especially when its full. When you first buy it, everytime you open the tube, product oozes out. That means you have to quickly put some on your hands and then quickly get the cap back on so you don’t waste any product. Annoying! That also takes a while to stop..only until it was almost done did I have to actually squeeze the tube to get product out. I feel like this would be a LOT more annoying if you got the 100mL size.

I have dry skin, but its really not very dry on my hands- especially not in the summer. This cream worked well for me- my hands always felt nice after application. I know some people say that it leaves a filmy substance  or residue on their skin, but I didn’t find that in my case. It absorbs well into the skin, not super fast but within a couple minutes I’m good to go. It’s not some miracle cream, it doesn’t leave my skin baby soft, but its not bad either. I think people with dry skin might need more moisture for the winter months. I might consider repurchasing this next spring (mainly for the amazing scent), but I’m definitely on the lookout for a better hand cream for my purse for the fall/winter!

I’d recommend trying it out if you can find the 30mL, otherwise I wouldn’t bother spending $20 on the 100mL. It also comes in a tub (like the body butters)- I’m intrigued by that because it looks like a richer formulation but still has the amazing scent. It might be the same product, but in a tub though. I guess the weird cap issue wouldn’t be there? If anyone has tried it let me know! 

Deema xx 

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  1. This sounds like a really good product! I have been looking for a decnet nail cream for some time now, and with it being a hand cream too, it sounds perfect :) xo