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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yay or Nay? Suave Coconut Conditioner

Hey all, 

here today to review the conditioner that I have just finished.  It's the Suave naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner.  I picked this up for $1.99 at Food Basics.  It contains 444 mL.  It lasted me for four months.  Here it is:
picture from
This stuff.  Man.  Well, first off you cannot beat that price.  It's a steal.  I used this to condition my hair every other day, after shampooing.  I also used it as a shave cream.  Bargain!  In terms of a shave cream, I thought this was good.  It has a slick, silicone texture which prevented nicks very nicely.  It didn't "clog pores" or cause in-grown hairs, as I've heard some people claim about using conditioner as shave cream.  It isn't SUPER moisturizing on the legs, so use a shower oil and a lotion post-shave.  Conditioner-wise, I thought this was kind of poor.  I liked it more when my hair was shorter, at the beginning of the summer.  It certainly didn't weigh down my fine hair at that point. However, as my hair continues to grow, the ends become increasingly dry.  I didn't find that this did much for the dryness.  It did an adequate job of detangling (for extra help I'd add some Moroccan Oil to my hair before brushing).  I've been loading up on coconut oil before bed to add back moisture into my hair.  

I will say, I really liked the smell.  Faux coconut all the way!

Any suggestions for a better conditioner?

Clara xx

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