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Friday, September 21, 2012

Body Shop shower gel in review

Hey y'all
here with another finished product to review and this time it's another body wash.  Surprise, surprise.  When is it ever not a body wash?  Anywho, the one I've just finished is called "Moroccan Rose Body Wash".  It was 200 mL and half off the regular price, hence I paid $6.

Here is a pic:

I liked the smell of this at first.  It was rosey and musky and earthy. But after a while I came to find it rather synthetic smelling.  It lathered well, too well, as it dried out my skin.  It contains parabens!!  Since it's a wash off product I wasn't tooooooo bothered by this, but if you're avoiding parabens like I do then it's best to be aware of this.  At $12 it is certainly not worth.  I'd also say at $6 it probably isn't worth it.  I won't repurchase. 


Friday, September 14, 2012

La roche posay Physiological cleansing gel, in review

Hi all, 

long time no talk!  Long time no empties, more like.  I haven't finished a product in ages!  So I'm glad to report that I've finished my facial cleanser:  la roche posay's physiological cleansing gel.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I purchased this product for $22 at shoppers drugmart.  For your money you get 200 mL.  This lasted me about five months.  I used it to wash my face both night and day.  It ain't cheap.  But it's not ridiculously expensive either.  And let me tell you...

I loved it.  So. Much. Better. Than cetaphil - which I had used previously for at least two years.  The bottle comes with a handy locking pump.  It travels well.  Aesthetically it looks fine.  It didn't have a peely label like cetaphil.  

How well did it cleanse?  Well, it's a polymer-based cleanser, rather than a surfactant based one.  What this means is that it is very gentle, but left my face feeling thoroughly cleansed.  It was perfect during the summer months when my skin leans combination-oily.  During the cooler times of late April & early May, it was perfect when followed up with my moisturizer.  I had zero issues with my skin in the time I used this product.  My skin isn't particularly problematic, but it can get tempermental during the summer.  I had no issues this time.  It has a lovely, mild scent (which might be a downer if you're allergic to fragrance).

It is paraben and SLS free.

I loved this.

clara xx