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Friday, September 21, 2012

Body Shop shower gel in review

Hey y'all
here with another finished product to review and this time it's another body wash.  Surprise, surprise.  When is it ever not a body wash?  Anywho, the one I've just finished is called "Moroccan Rose Body Wash".  It was 200 mL and half off the regular price, hence I paid $6.

Here is a pic:

I liked the smell of this at first.  It was rosey and musky and earthy. But after a while I came to find it rather synthetic smelling.  It lathered well, too well, as it dried out my skin.  It contains parabens!!  Since it's a wash off product I wasn't tooooooo bothered by this, but if you're avoiding parabens like I do then it's best to be aware of this.  At $12 it is certainly not worth.  I'd also say at $6 it probably isn't worth it.  I won't repurchase. 



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  2. I agree with you, the scent was lovely at first but then came to be "too much". The body cream of the same scent is a much better product :)