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Monday, October 22, 2012

Reviewed: Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body and Shine Conditioner

Another finished product here. This time its a conditioner with an insanely long name..the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint Body & Shine Conditioner.  I bought this at the end of August, so it's lasted me just over a month and a half. It's 473mL and I paid about $10 for it, but it was part of a promotion  with buy two get one free. I think that's pretty steep if you were to buy it individually. It is paraben free, but it does contain sodium laureth sulfate. 
image via
I think that this is an okay conditioner.  My hair is naturally very dry on the ends, but oily at the roots, so it is pretty hard to find a conditioner that works. It didn't perform any miracles on my hair, but it did leave it feeling nice and soft-ish. Nothing to write home about though. The scent is very refreshing and nice to have in the shower. Kind of random but the scent reminded me of mens shaving cream- I liked it though. Did it make my hair really shiny? Not really. Nor did it give it much body. So while it was okay, it really didn't do anything for me that would justify its price point. 

This isn't a conditioner I would repurchase. I still have yet to find a conditioner I like as much as the A'kin one...but I also can't seem to find that one in stores anywhere! I might have to just look into ordering it online...

Deema xx 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reviewed: Clinique Brush on Cream Liner in True Black

Hey everyone! Another finished review :) I actually finished this a while ago, but for some reason I though that I had already done a review when I first bought it. That is not the case, so here we are. I bought this for about $16 plus tax, about 2 years ago. So its lasted me quite a long time, and I think that its very good value for money. This has been talked to death, so this will be just a quick review. 

This is brown I think- same idea though! Image via

The consistency is very creamy, as the name suggests. It is a very black liner, and it goes on smoothly and beautifully. This will last all day, and once its dry it doesn't move, smudge, or transfer. It takes a few seconds to dry, nothing too crazy. I use this with my MAC 210 liner brush. I personally love gel liner like this- I much prefer it to liquid or pencil. I like the precision I get, the staying power, and its so black its ridiculous. Oh- and it didn't dry out! Comes in a little glass jar with a screw top lid that is secure. 

After this finished, I went out and bought the Maybelline Eyestudio gel liner. Not because there is anything wrong with Clinique, but because I thought I'd save myself some money and see if they were really the same. I already know that I prefer the Clinique, the Maybelline is a little stiff for my liking. So when this Maybelline was is all done, I'll be repurchasing this one for sure. 

Deema xx

Monday, October 8, 2012

Reviewed: Quo Brush Cleaner

Hey everyone! It's been forever since I finally finished a product but here it is! I wanted to clean my makeup brushes tonight but I realized that I had just finished up the Quo Brush Cleaner that I've been using for about 2 years now. It's a 175 mL bottle, and it was about $12 I think. I don't really clean my brushes that often because a) I'm lazy and b) it takes forever and c) I never feel like they're truly clean after! I realized today that's because my brush cleaner was crap. Screw you Quo. I have no idea why Shoppers stocks this brand. Its shit quality and its incredibly expensive. Every brush I've ever gotten from there has lost its shape/sheds like crazy. They have a whole makeup line too but I don't really buy much because of my general hatred towards the brand. 

Anyways, this brush cleaner doesn't do anything! I have to pour out a ton just to 'clean' one brush, and after I'm done the brush doesn't even look clean. I know that it can't always look like you just bought it but I mean come on. This product is a waste of money. 

My recommendation- dish soap. Works like a charm. Got all of the gross makeup out of the brush, didn't ruin the brush at all, and my brushes haven't looked this good since I bought them! And dirt cheap. Winn. 

Don't buy this!! Save your $$ for the good stuff. 

Deema xx