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Monday, December 17, 2012

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil in review

Hey everyone, 

here to review for you....a skin care oil.  Oils could not be more trendy these days.  From argan to seabuckthorn, people are going crazy for oils.  I have hopped on the bandwagon and could not be more happy about it.  Winter is murder on my skin.  My body gets super dry.  It's the hot showers that do it - but really, who is willing to give up a nice hot shower on a bitterly cold winter's day?  Not I.  I used the Aura Cacia skin care oil in the shower right before turning off the water and hopping out.  I would massage some into any area of my body which tends to get dry (legs and arms especially!), jump out of the shower and towel dry.  I like to think of this as a sort of "body serum":  it moisturizes the skin with a nurturing all natural oil.  And if any parts needed EXTRA moisture, I could always apply a thick body butter on top.  I love being able to use an oil:  it means more time in the shower, and a really quick moisturizer application.  What's not to love?

I got this particular oil for $19.99 at Loblaws (check the organic bath and body section).  It contained 473mL.  It last me about 7 months.  I think you could probably get sweet almond oil for cheaper than this.  You could also check out different sorts of oils.  I personally have repurchased sweet almond (a different brand this time) but I am intrigued by the world of jojoba oil... 

Hope you're all well AND happy holidays!


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  1. This sounds good :) I quite like oils, so when I'm out and about, i will keep an eye out for some almond oil. Merry Christmas :)xxx