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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub in review

Hi everyone, 

here today to review the Body Shop's Sweet Lemon Body Scrub.  I have finished SO many body shop products this year.  I haven't loved any of them so far.  And yet today I popped down to mall and bought yet more body shop items.  Maybe they will buck the trend and be great.  Who knows.  They were on sale.  Anyway, the sweet lemon scrub was disappointing.  Here it is:  


I got this on sale for $8.  It was quite huge and lasted me a solid four months.  I exfoliate every other day (in theory).  I didn't like this guy.  It smelled like cleaning fluid, which I've come to learn that many lemon scented products do.   But I could have gotten past that.  Sadly, it was the texture of this that I didn't like.  It was sort of "jelly-like" - the sugar grains were suspended in an oily base, but there was also a distinct jelly business going on.  And I hated that!  The jelly wouldn't fully dissolve and it would just sort of clump up and squidge around on my skin as I attempted to buff.  I also wouldn't say that this was a particularly moisturizing scrub, either.  Maybe better in hot summer weather.  I won't buy it it again, even in the summer.  I just purchased the spiced vanilla body scrub by the Body Shop (again, on sale) so we'll see how that goes.  It's in a creamy base so fingers crossed on the moisturization front!  

cheers all, 


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  1. Such a shame about this product:( I am in major need for a body scrub so I was going to go to the body shop for one. I won't be now! Good job I read this review, hehe xx