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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My skin care essential: la roche posay's hydraphase intense legere moisturizer


So I've been excited about reviewing this product for ages.  La Roche Posay's Hydraphase Intense Legere moisturizer.  It is the best.  Basically, this is a 50 mL moisturizer which contains hylauronic acid - a substance which draws moisture from the air and plumps the skin.  It cost me $36 at Shoppers.  Worth every penny, my friends.  
Hydraphase Intense Light

When I put this on I notice near instant results:  my skin looks glowing and plumped.  Grease isn't a factor here, it's like a plump and supple situation.  I have used this product since February of 2012 (nearly a year) and I can say with confidence that it has not broken me out.  It has simply transformed my dull, dehydrated, weary-looking skin into a glowy new version of itself. This baby is also paraben free.  I use it every night, and on some mornings depending on what my skin needs.  

This works markedly better than the Nivea moisturizers I have relied on in the past.  It is also nicer than the Caudalie balancing concentrate.  I was happy to repurchase this.  I really recommend it, especially if you have normal - combination skin like I do.

happy holidays all, 


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