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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reviewed: bareMinerals i.d. Multi Tasking Minerals

Here's a finished product review..I know it's been a while (boo school), but here it is! The other day I finished my bareMinerals i.d Multi Tasking Minerals, in the shade Summer Bisque. I bought this two years ago..I used it religiously for about 6 months and then didn't start using it again until this past summer. I use it mostly as a setting powder for my under eyes and any concealing I did for blemishes/acne scarring. It's advertised as a multi purpose product- you can use it as a concealer or an eyeshadow base. Before I get into the nitty gritty, I do want to point out that it's now just called bareMinerals Multi Tasking Face. I don't know if the formula changed, or if it was just the name. You can still buy the exact product I have from amazon though. 

this is actually the foundation, but they have the same packaging get the idea
When I bought this, the lady at the counter just said it was a concealer so I've never actually used it as an eyeshadow base but I don't imagine it would be all that great- I'd much prefer a cream base that sets. a concealer this does basically nothing. Regardless of whether I put this on or the foundation first, it did not conceal anything. That's the main reason I stopped using it (also, I just generally fell out of love with mineral products and just tossed them in my drawer). So this past summer I started using my mineral foundation again and decided that instead of using this as a concealer, I would conceal normally and then just set my concealer with it for a bit more coverage. This is, in my opinion, the best way to use this product. It lasts a relatively good amount of time, but its not long lasting by any stretch of the imagination. It sits very naturally on the skin, though it can look cakey if you pack it on. It can also settle into fine lines underneath the eyes. Basically, this product is not worth it. I won't repurchase it, I just think there are better setting powders out there. Definitely don't recommend this as a concealer. And as an eyeshadow base...if it doesn't set my concealer for a long time I don't think it would help set eyeshadow either. 

It's also $18..kind of steep for a product that does little more than nothing. Unless they changed the formula with the new name, I'd stay away from this one!

Deema xx

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