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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reviewed: Bath and Body Works Night Time Tea Body Wash & Foam Bath

So many reviews today! Here's the last one..a couple weeks ago I finished the Bath & Body Works Night Time Tea Body Wash & Foam Bath. It's paraben free, but it does have SLS though so if that isn't your cup of tea, I'd pass on this one. I picked this up because Bath & Body Works was having a sale, and because it smells sooo nice. I also got the same scent in the bubble bath. It's supposed to help you relax and sleep. The scent is really relaxing. It says it has cedarwood and orange essential oils- and I do smell those a little bit. I can't really place the scent, but it's just soo nice. Not sweet or sugary at all. A really fresh but relaxing scent- very earthy? I'm super bad at this. But trust me, it's divine. 
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Anyways, as a body wash it's..fine? I don't know how to really describe body washes. It cleaned well, it had a good lather to it. The scent didn't really stick to the skin, which is unfortunate because I loved it. It didn't make my skin feel very soft though- kind of a negative. I wish it was more moisturizing- is that a thing though? Can body washes do that? I feel like they should. 

All in all, this is a decent body wash..other than the scent, it's pretty middle of the road (but slightly pricey unless you can get it on a sale). I'd recommend getting it in the bubble bath.  I loveee that. It would also make a good gift! 

Deema xx

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