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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kiss my face: peaceful patchouli shower gel REVIEWED

Hi all, 

here with a shower gel to review for you.  I recently finished Kiss My Face`s shower gel in "Peaceful Patchouli".  I paid $11.95 for this at my local health foods store.  It is quite readily available - you can get it at the organic section in Loblaws.  Here she is:
It took me about 2 months to get through this.  I had to use quite a lot of product during each shower since it didn't lather very well.  But I loved LOVED lovvvvvvvvvvved the scent.  It smelled like dirt, basically. But somehow that just rocked.  I loved using this in the bath.  Soaking in that you're-out-for-hike scent was just the best.  

This guy is sulfate and paraben free.  

I think if I were to repurchase, I would use this exclusively as a bath product.  It wasn't a good shower gel:  there wasn't enough lather going on so it ran out quickly.  It wouldn't produce tons of bubbles in a bath but would be worth it for the scent alone (if you ask me!)

cheers everyone, 

clara xx

Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Almay Get up and Grow Mascara

Hello hello, here's another finished product review.

Now, one of my favourite things to buy is drug store mascara. It's affordable (compared to a lot of other beauty items), drug store is just as good as high end mascara a lot of the time, and I go through it pretty quickly so I get to experiment with lots of different brands/products. This time I used the Almay one coat get up & grow mascara in blackest black. I read quite a few good reviews on this, one of which likened it to the Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara. So I picked it up a few months ago. 

Here's what it looks like: 

Now, the wand in that picture is perfectly straight. Mine, however, somehow bent. This sounds bad, but it actually made application much easier. The wand isn't huge, which I like because it tends to get messy otherwise (I don't know why, but I'm the worst at applying mascara- it just always gets on my eyelid). I wasn't a huge fan of the formula when I first bought it, I thought it was okay but nothing special. But once it started to dry a bit (maybe a few weeks of use in), I really started to love it. It gives a really nice, natural, feathered look to the lashes. It is not clumpy at all (I hate clumpy lashes more than anything).My lashes never felt heavy or hard. It didn't smudge. This gave me decent volume, but it really lengthens your lashes without looking fake.  

Basically this is a great every day mascara. You can definitely build it up, but usually on nights out I layered another mascara on top (a sample of hourglass' film noir mascara that I got from Sephora). 

This is a mascara I would definitely repurchase as a good every day mascara for a more natural look. When I went to Pharma Plus to repurchase it however, something else caught my eye (nyx doll eyes) and so I decided to give that a go instead. This is still a fantastic mascara that I would most definitely recommend. 

Deema xx

Friday, January 4, 2013

What makes a shower gel one which I won't buy again?

Well, I've finished a shower gel which I won't ever bother to purchase.  Sadly, it's made by my current favourite skin care brand La Roche Posay.  I finished their Physiological Shower-Gel.  This came as a free gift when my sister purchased a bottle of their Physiological Cleansing Gel for combination skin (love).  It had a respectable 100 mL.  Here is an image:

Physiological Shower-gel

This product was just so BORING.  It has a very mild fragrance, and no dyes.  It's bottle is quite "clinical" looking - this certainly isn't masquerading as a natural, rainforesty, Inca-secret-botanical kind of body wash (looking at YOU body shop).  Rather, it is a very basic and no nonsense cleanser.  Which, I mean, great.  Don't hide what you are I guess.  And body washes don't NEED to have bells and whistles.  As a rinse away product they don't need to be complicated.  Still though - I like a body wash to smell good and lather nicely.  I like for it not to contain sulfates (this one does).  I like for it not to contain parabens (which this one doesn't - yay).  I like, too, for it to be affordable.  This one was free #winning.  I wouldn't purchase though.  Too boring in the scent department + the sulfate issue.  

cheers all, 


Ureaka! Hand cream, reviewed

Hi all, 

I finished Ureaka! hand cream a while ago and there is no time like the present to review it.  It is a 10% urea based, paraben free hand cream.  It was around $15 for 100 mL at Shoppers Drug Mart. I used it at least once a day, everyday for about six months.  It had no fragrance or dyes.  

Here she is:
Ureaka Healing Hand Cream
I really liked this hand cream, mostly.  I did a really excellent job at moisturizing my hands.  It was also remarkably non-greasy.  The company really promotes itself as paraben free, which I appreciate.  Now, I like my hand creams to have a little "pizazz" and this product was about as simple as it gets.  I would have appreciated a delicious scent, or even some lovely packaging.  But no.  Plain plain plain.  

Would I repurchase?  In time - sure.  This product was very effective, if a little boring.  If they come out with a scented version I will be allllllll over it.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone though:  especially people with sensitive skin.  Here is the website if you're interested:  click here  

cheers all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reviewed: Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully this year I'll find more time to review products while I'm at school. I recently finished the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner. 

image via

I bought this from Shoppers for about $7 I believe. It's 380mL. This smells absolutely divine, and the scent really lasts on the hair. It is sulfate and paraben free- yay! And basically, I love this. It really makes my hair look and feel very healthy. I don't put this at my roots, because I don't really need to. My ends are what really need the extra moisture- especially in the winter time. This really helps with dryness, my hair simply feels great after each and every use. The only downside is that it is relatively expensive for a drugstore conditioner. But considering my hair's biggest issue is its dryness, I'm ok with spending a few extra dollars for a drug store product. Especially when high end conditioner is much more expensive. I've already repurchased this conditioner and I'm generally very happy to add it to my hair care regimen. 

Deema xx

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a sucky SPF lip balm in review

Hi all, 

here today to review Blistex's Five Star Lip Protection.  I cannot remember how much I paid for this (I purchased it in spring 2011) but I do remember that I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I bought it because it provides an SPF 30 - I thought this would be great for travelling purposes when you're out in the sun all the time.  Well, mehhhhhhhhhhh.  It just wasn't great.  My lips didn't get sunburned, but they also weren't moisturized by this balm.  It left a whitecast on my lips upon application.  This faded during wear....probably along with the SPF.  Here is a picture of the product:

I initially kept this in my backpack during my travels, and then retired it to my daily makeup bag to slather on my lips as I did my makeup each morning.  I wouldn't repurchase this since it did such a poor job of moisturizing my lips.  If I'm in the mood for some SPF I'll turn to my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rose...