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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a sucky SPF lip balm in review

Hi all, 

here today to review Blistex's Five Star Lip Protection.  I cannot remember how much I paid for this (I purchased it in spring 2011) but I do remember that I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart.  I bought it because it provides an SPF 30 - I thought this would be great for travelling purposes when you're out in the sun all the time.  Well, mehhhhhhhhhhh.  It just wasn't great.  My lips didn't get sunburned, but they also weren't moisturized by this balm.  It left a whitecast on my lips upon application.  This faded during wear....probably along with the SPF.  Here is a picture of the product:

I initially kept this in my backpack during my travels, and then retired it to my daily makeup bag to slather on my lips as I did my makeup each morning.  I wouldn't repurchase this since it did such a poor job of moisturizing my lips.  If I'm in the mood for some SPF I'll turn to my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rose...



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