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Friday, January 4, 2013

Ureaka! Hand cream, reviewed

Hi all, 

I finished Ureaka! hand cream a while ago and there is no time like the present to review it.  It is a 10% urea based, paraben free hand cream.  It was around $15 for 100 mL at Shoppers Drug Mart. I used it at least once a day, everyday for about six months.  It had no fragrance or dyes.  

Here she is:
Ureaka Healing Hand Cream
I really liked this hand cream, mostly.  I did a really excellent job at moisturizing my hands.  It was also remarkably non-greasy.  The company really promotes itself as paraben free, which I appreciate.  Now, I like my hand creams to have a little "pizazz" and this product was about as simple as it gets.  I would have appreciated a delicious scent, or even some lovely packaging.  But no.  Plain plain plain.  

Would I repurchase?  In time - sure.  This product was very effective, if a little boring.  If they come out with a scented version I will be allllllll over it.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone though:  especially people with sensitive skin.  Here is the website if you're interested:  click here  

cheers all!

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