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Friday, January 4, 2013

What makes a shower gel one which I won't buy again?

Well, I've finished a shower gel which I won't ever bother to purchase.  Sadly, it's made by my current favourite skin care brand La Roche Posay.  I finished their Physiological Shower-Gel.  This came as a free gift when my sister purchased a bottle of their Physiological Cleansing Gel for combination skin (love).  It had a respectable 100 mL.  Here is an image:

Physiological Shower-gel

This product was just so BORING.  It has a very mild fragrance, and no dyes.  It's bottle is quite "clinical" looking - this certainly isn't masquerading as a natural, rainforesty, Inca-secret-botanical kind of body wash (looking at YOU body shop).  Rather, it is a very basic and no nonsense cleanser.  Which, I mean, great.  Don't hide what you are I guess.  And body washes don't NEED to have bells and whistles.  As a rinse away product they don't need to be complicated.  Still though - I like a body wash to smell good and lather nicely.  I like for it not to contain sulfates (this one does).  I like for it not to contain parabens (which this one doesn't - yay).  I like, too, for it to be affordable.  This one was free #winning.  I wouldn't purchase though.  Too boring in the scent department + the sulfate issue.  

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