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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a keratin shampoo, in review

Hi all, 

here with a shampoo to review for you.  I finished up the Mill Creek Botanicals keratin shampoo.  I purchased it at my local health food store for $11.90.  It contained 473 mL (16 ounces?) Here it is:

Keratin Shampoo

I am GLAD to see this go!!!!!  This was not kind to my hair.  It claims to be a restorative shampoo, which strengthens hair from the inside out.  Having used this every other day for the last 3 months I can say that this was NOT my experience.  This basically cleaned my hair.  It did not leave it feeling silky.  It did not leave it feeling stronger.  I have split ends.  My hair didn't look any more voluminous after using this.  !!!  Frustrating.  

This product was also not a pleasure to use.  It is sulfate-free and lathered poorly as a result.  The scent reminded me of marshmallow flowers (is that even a thing?) - a sweet, oddly spicy smell.  Did not like.  

I would not recommend this shampoo.  It was not a nice product to use, and it didn't perform well on my hair.  Thumbs down I'm afraid.

Cheers everyone, 

Clara xx

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