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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bioderma Sebium H20 Micellaire Solution in review

Hi all, 

here with a product to review for you....a big 'un in fact.  I finished up the Bioderma Sebium H20 micellaire solution - all 500 mL of it.  I picked this up for $30 at Shoppers.  It lasted me a good eleven months.  I used this primarily as an eye makeup remover.  I would use it as a general face cleanser in the only the most desperate of times.  I like a rinse away method better.  Here is a pic:

The funny thing about this product is that at $30 for 500 mL it is actually very good value for money.  It's on par with Neutrogena, cost-wise.  So there's that.  It did a fairly good job of removing eye makeup.  I would moisten a cotton pad and press it against my eye for 30 seconds (tops) and all eyeshadow would be gone.  The mascara would cling to roots of my lashes still.  I can't say that it was 100% effective at removing eye makeup for that reason.  It generally did not irritate my eyes.  It was not, NOT greasy. 

Bottom line, if you're a makeup lover you need an eye makeup remover.  It simply isn't going to fly to walk around with the residue of last night's smokey eye migrating around your face. You may as well get a remover that does the job right.  I don't think that this one did a perfect job. But if you're very anti oil this might be nice.  The price point wasn't terrible.  That said, I won't repurchase.  

All best

Clara xx   

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