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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

Hello hello, here's another finished product review. I recently finished the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. And by recently, I mean this morning. Anyways, I bought this bad boy back near the end of September so its lasted me about 6 months. I bought this when I was in the US from an Origins Store and so it was a bit cheaper than the $37.50 listed on the Canadian Sephora site. It has 0.5 oz of product. 

Here it is: 
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So lets start with some of the claims made by Origins. Apparently it is, "A clinically-proven eye cream that instantly de-puffs and reduces dark circles.It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates. GMOs, triclosan. I only know what half of those things are, but that generally seems good. 

My under-eye problems have nothing to do with puffiness. I have bags, and some days- dark circles (depending on how much sleep I get). It has never been a huge issue for me, but if I'm stressed and not sleeping well, it is definitely something I have to cover up. Anyways, this is a cream- pretty standard texture. It's lightweight and feels nice under the eyes. It quickly absorbs into the skin, and primes the skin decently well for my undereye concealer. I took a pea sized amount every morning and tapped it into the skin under my eye and then took whatever was left and put it on my brow bone area. 

Over the 6 months I used this product, I don't think I've really noticed any marked change with my bags/dark circles. There is some pigment in the product, and it is light reflective so it does bring light to the area- but that is purely cosmetic. It doesn't actually make the darkness go away- just diffuses their effect really. It also didn't really help the fine lines that I have under my eyes, though it doesn't claim to be able to do that. 

As a side note- every once in a while I noticed little red bumps around my eye area while using this. They always went away, but they kept popping up. Especially in the winter months. 

All in all, I think this is an okay product. However, at this price point, I would prefer something that actually improves my under eye-area, rather than just cover it up slightly. I mean, I still need to wear concealer with it. It does however, prep the skin nicely for my concealer. Not worth it in my opinion. 

Would not repurchase. I'm still on the hunt for an eye cream that can actually improve darkness and work to get rid of some of those pesky fine lines. Is that a pipe dream? Hopefully not! Any suggestions are welcome :) 

Deema xx

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