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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking to get into glycolic? Chemical exfoliant in review

Hi guys, 

here with a finished product for you.  I recently(ish) finished Vichy's Normaderm anti-age resurfacing care moisturizer.  I used this as my day cream during the winter months (early Oct-end of March... welcome to Canada).  I believe I paid $37 for it at Shoppers.

I actually really liked this as a day cream.  It was mattifying and wore really nicely under makeup.  Like, really nicely.  I also liked that this contained glyolic acid.  I'm not a huge fan of physical exfoliants.  I have a jar of burt's bees exfoliant languishing unloved in my shower.  Having the glycolic in my day cream was more realistic for me.  I did notice that my skin looked quite luminous.  This winter has been my best "skin" winter yet.  

That said, I won't be using in the summer since I'm committed to a daily SPF. To get my chemical exfoliant fix I'm currently using NeoStrata's toner in level 2 which contains 8% glycolic acid.  Will let you know what I think once it's all used up.

cheers all, 


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