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Sunday, April 7, 2013

OPI's avojuice, in review

Hi all, 

here with another (pair of) empt(ies).  I finished two 30mL bottles of opi's avojuice hand moisturizer.  I had the scents "jasmine" and "cran & berry."  I got these as a Chrismas present (hello, awesome stocking stuffers!) so I don't know the price.  

These smelled delicious.  And as you may have deduced from prior hand cream reviews, I like a cream with a scent.  They did, however, contain parabens.  Thumbs down.  And they weren't really all that moisturizing. They did not compare favorably with the Roc Enydrial or the Ureaka.  That said, if you hateeeee hand creams which take a long time to sink in, this cream may be for you.  It sunk in very quickly.

Would repurchase for the scent alone if the old hands become less dry.

cheers all, 

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