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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure [Korres!]

Hi all, 

here today to review a body butter I recently finished: Korres' body butter in "jasmine". Deema purchased this from Home Outfitters for (I believe) $8. It retails at Shoppers for $33 (!!)  Here is a picture:

Korres - Body Butters

Deema hated the smell of this and gifted it to me.  ME!!!  (Elle Woods - I hate going there, I'm so over Legally Blond references, but they just happen sometimes).  I did not mind the smell, though I didn't love it either.  I see that Korres makes one called "Japanese Rose" and THAT sounds like my kind of scent!  This one was floral, and quite sharp.  Not powdery at all.  Just very concentrated.  The texture was really quite greasy, which I don't mind at all.  I usually put on lotion before bed so I'm not "fussed" (Britishism!) about a greasy feel.  It was very nicely moisturizing, although not "clinically" so. If you really suffer from dry skin go for something with urea in it.  This one was nice, though.  For $33 I would not, NOT, repurchase.  For $8?  Not in jasmine again.  

Cheers all!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Soap vs Shower Gel: a conclusion

Hi all, 

well, I finished up an old bottle of shower gel I had kicking around. This one was by Yves Rocher, it is called Hamamelis super soft shower gel.  I have no idea how much I paid for this, but it is currently available on the website for $4.95. Yves Rocher has such good deals!  Here is an image:
Super-Soft Shower Gel
I liked this shower gel, really though, nothing to write home about. As per usual, I used it up quickly.  I am just so firmly concluded now that soap is the way to go in the long-standing soap vs shower gel debate.  Shower gel is so much more expensive.  And, really, not that much more of an enjoyable experience.  Shower gels and soaps are, I would say, equally fit for their purpose of cleansing.  I don't find one more drying than the other - really.  There are lovely scents, and natural homecrafty varieties available for both gels and soaps.  And let me tell you!  Soaps are almost invariably cheaper and last me longer.  It is really hard to over use soap.  It's the easiest thing in the world to over use gel.  Guys!  Soap!  


Sulfate free shampoo... I didn't hate it.

Hi guys!

Here with a shampoo to review for you.  L'Oreal Paris' EverStrong shampoo. This was $8.99 (or so!) at Shoppers.  It was a mere 200 mL.  Here it is:

EverStrong Reconstruct Shampoo

I liked this shampoo very much. So far, it is the best sulfate-free shampoo I've tried.  Sulfates are not dangerous or carcinogenic (to my knowledge - and I try to keep on top of this stuff), but people do avoid them though because they can be drying.  My fine hair is dry at the ends so I do try and avoid sulfates where I can. The thing about giving up sulfates is you lose that lovely lather that so many shampoos have.  You also generally have to pay more.  Anyway, this shampoo was undeniably expensive.  However, it lathered nicely.  Can I claim that my hair is drastically less dry as a result of using this?  No.  I can't.  My ends are still dry.  I have split ends.  My hairdresser is never pleased with me.. I could go on. I don't think it is NECESSARILY worth paying the extra price for sulfate free.  Give it a try if you have dry hair and see if it makes the difference for you.  It might.  This one was lovely.  Great smell too.  And available widely.  A great place to start if you're considering sulfate free.



A great shave cream (or, a terrible conditioner)

Hi all, 

here with a conditioner to review for you. I recently finished up good old Pantene's conditioner for fine hair.  I honestly cannot remember how much I paid for this.  Or even where I got it.  Shoppers?  $6.99?  Something along those lines.  Here it is:  

Apparently they have launched new packaging.  Good for you Pantene, reinventing yourself.  Anyway, this stuff SUCKED as a conditioner.  It was not conditioning enough: too much emphasis on weightless volume and not enough on making my hair feel smooth and silky.  I like to add texture to my hair with styling products rather than conditioner.  I want my conditioner to handle my poor, poor dry ends.  I ended up using this as a shave cream (hot tip: conditioner makes a grrrreat shave cream due to the amount of silicones going on) and loved it for that purpose.  That said, you can get shave creams/gels for much less than $6.99 - I purchased one for $3.49 today.  

So, I will not repurchase.  And if you have dry ends, this is not the conditioner for you. If you don't have dry hair I question whether you need conditioner - this product really doesn't do much and if this is all you need, you probably don't need anything at all!  Minimalism.  

cheers all!