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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A great shave cream (or, a terrible conditioner)

Hi all, 

here with a conditioner to review for you. I recently finished up good old Pantene's conditioner for fine hair.  I honestly cannot remember how much I paid for this.  Or even where I got it.  Shoppers?  $6.99?  Something along those lines.  Here it is:  

Apparently they have launched new packaging.  Good for you Pantene, reinventing yourself.  Anyway, this stuff SUCKED as a conditioner.  It was not conditioning enough: too much emphasis on weightless volume and not enough on making my hair feel smooth and silky.  I like to add texture to my hair with styling products rather than conditioner.  I want my conditioner to handle my poor, poor dry ends.  I ended up using this as a shave cream (hot tip: conditioner makes a grrrreat shave cream due to the amount of silicones going on) and loved it for that purpose.  That said, you can get shave creams/gels for much less than $6.99 - I purchased one for $3.49 today.  

So, I will not repurchase.  And if you have dry ends, this is not the conditioner for you. If you don't have dry hair I question whether you need conditioner - this product really doesn't do much and if this is all you need, you probably don't need anything at all!  Minimalism.  

cheers all!


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