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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure [Korres!]

Hi all, 

here today to review a body butter I recently finished: Korres' body butter in "jasmine". Deema purchased this from Home Outfitters for (I believe) $8. It retails at Shoppers for $33 (!!)  Here is a picture:

Korres - Body Butters

Deema hated the smell of this and gifted it to me.  ME!!!  (Elle Woods - I hate going there, I'm so over Legally Blond references, but they just happen sometimes).  I did not mind the smell, though I didn't love it either.  I see that Korres makes one called "Japanese Rose" and THAT sounds like my kind of scent!  This one was floral, and quite sharp.  Not powdery at all.  Just very concentrated.  The texture was really quite greasy, which I don't mind at all.  I usually put on lotion before bed so I'm not "fussed" (Britishism!) about a greasy feel.  It was very nicely moisturizing, although not "clinically" so. If you really suffer from dry skin go for something with urea in it.  This one was nice, though.  For $33 I would not, NOT, repurchase.  For $8?  Not in jasmine again.  

Cheers all!


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